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A very silly SIG question...

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YellowDinosaur Wed 24-Aug-11 16:58:57

I have never had a tent with a SIG before and have just bought an Outwell Fusion 400 (or the Argos knock off version anyway).

One silly question - is it normal for a SIG to have a kind of netting round the bedroom instead of a proper round sheet? Never had a tent with a SIG before so nothing to compare to and can see this might be the case for ventilation but clearly this could let in water and small bugs so defeating some of the reasons for a SIG...

Is this normal?

YellowDinosaur Thu 25-Aug-11 21:14:22

Does noone know if this is normal or not?

SaggyHairyArse Thu 25-Aug-11 21:52:50

Do you mean that there is the groundsheet and then netting and then the tent material?

If you do then, no, my tent with a SIG does not have this and I have an Outwell Montana. My tent has the groundsheet which goes up to approx a hands width from the ground up the sides and then the tent material joins on.

I agree, if it is porous netting (and not some kind of special tent airiating panel) then it would let water in.

YellowDinosaur Thu 25-Aug-11 22:07:25

Sorry wasn't very clear!

The tent has a bedroom and a living area. The bedroom is totally sewn in. The living area is also totally sewn in around the edges of the living area and then attached to the bedroom. But the bedroom is attached to the outer tent at the bottom where the ground sheet should be with this mesh stuff with holes in about 1mm sized. I'm a bit perplexed!

SaggyHairyArse Fri 26-Aug-11 09:43:24

My tents bedrooms are separate and there are mesh panels, I assume to air it, but they are not at the bottom. I would have a look at some other tents as if it does let water etc in then you will have to put another groundsheet down and that defeats the object of SIG really.

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