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Camping nightwear for six month old?

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PinkElephant73 Tue 23-Aug-11 22:24:52

Just wondering what people dress your LOs in to sleep in a tent? Will be camping this weekend with my 6 month old DD. we had a dry run in our back garden few weeks ago and I put her in a vest, warm babygro, baby sleeping bag plus a couple of extra blankets. I also put a hat on her as she doesnt have much hair! she seemed fine temp wise but cuddled in with me in the middle of the night for a feed and had very cold hands so I wondered whether camping babies sleep with gloves on?

Red2011 Tue 23-Aug-11 23:39:30

We were camping last month and had LO (6 months then) in her moses basket on our airbed. The moses basket had a blanket under the fitted sheet, and the airbed had a duvet on it. She had on a vest, babygro and sleeping bag and was under a blanket but I didn't put a hat on her (despite thin hair) in case it came off in the night and she caught her face up in it - or chewed it and choked.

The first night was COLD. Really COLD. She didn't sleep well and ended up being wrapped in her blanket (and all the above clothes) cuddled up to me on the duvet, with my sheet over her and the duvet carefully placed over her. I woke every 30 mins or so to check on her.

The next night was nowhere near as cold. I put her in a fleecy babygro over her bodysuit early in the evening, then just shoved her in her sleeping bag in the moses basket (on the duvet/airbed as before) and she slept fine.

Didn't do gloves.
We're going again next year but as she'll be much bigger I think it'll be easier to sort the clothes.
Just be prepared to cuddle up if it gets cold.

victoriasmith Wed 24-Aug-11 09:13:16

I got a "fleece snuggler" from Jojomamenbebe for our 5 month old to wear under his Grobag this weekend at Galtres festival. We have lots of wool to dress him in as it keeps you so toasty warm and a sheepskin for him to lie on in his travel cot, got this from ikea for £20.

Bollocks2u Wed 24-Aug-11 09:37:12

Make sure she is insulated from the ground, and her hands will be cold so do not worry. I gradually add layers - sleepsuit, fleecy sleepsuit, gro bag, blanket if needed. I personally would not put a hat on due to risk of overheating.

If she is cold, she will tell you. They are pretty tough little things really.

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