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just so did you have a great time??

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mel2005 Mon 22-Aug-11 17:11:40

we came back last night a bit early because of the water problem. there is only so long i can take not having a shower then we couldnt get water to heat to wash ourselves in the tent and make a cup of tea, we packed up early.
we did have a fantastic time though, it was really magical.

mel2005 Mon 22-Aug-11 20:55:29

who is going next year?

mel2005 Mon 22-Aug-11 20:55:57

we could have a mumsnet glade

Bettymum Tue 23-Aug-11 09:59:24

I have just read the other JS thread, made me v jealous, we did think about it but DS is only 16 months and it's a bit of a way from us...definitely want to go next year! Will be our last hols before DD starts school <cries>.
We are going to Alex James' Harvest festival in a couple of weeks, just for the day, that looks like a lot of fun smile.

mel2005 Tue 23-Aug-11 10:32:54

i might pop along to harvest at jimmies, its going to be a big one so i didnt want to camp, we are in norfolk so not that far away.
i would totaly recommend going to JS next year.

chippy47 Tue 23-Aug-11 15:59:15

We went. Loved it.

toomuchdisneynotenoughJack Thu 25-Aug-11 13:03:36

we went and completely loved it, not having water was a bit of an issue, we managed to fill up out two 15 litre containers when we arrived so were able to top and tail ! the kids lived running around and all the music and pixie post office! we were slightly disappointed that a couple of things we wanted to do ( lantern making and paint lab) had both run out of materials by the time we arrived! by not disappointed enough to not go next year !!!

mel2005 Thu 25-Aug-11 19:03:37

tickets for sale tomorrow at 12pm for next year, yipppeee

mel2005 Fri 26-Aug-11 13:43:02

bought my 2012 tickets for the glades..yippee.....

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