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anyone stayed at Holmsley in Bournemouth??

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lisad123 Fri 19-Aug-11 09:37:45

We are going next week but just discovered DH has to work till 5pm, and its first come, first serve on pitches. Im panicing as we have 2 autistic kids and dont want to be in the most horrible pitch, right in the middle, would rather a slightly on the outside ppitch. We have a dog too, OMG I dont want to go now sad

azazello Fri 19-Aug-11 20:35:43

Is that the campsite near Bournemouth but in the New Forest - the Forestry Commission one? If so, we stayed there recently and it was good. We got there about 5pm on a sunday, had plenty of sites to choose from and found somewhere really nice but handy for the toilets. It is basically a wander around and find somewhere you like kind of thing.

The shop is utterly crap though

Pixel Sun 21-Aug-11 00:57:11

We went last year, (also with an autistic kid smile) and it was fine. It is a big site so you should be able to find a spot that suits you. It's the first site we've ever been on that had a takeaway which I didn't think much of at first, but I must admit it was lovely to have hot bacon rolls for breakfast without having to stand out in the rain and cook them. <lazy>

One thing, you WILL need rock pegs. None of our pegs would go in at all so we immediately had to spend a small fortune in the shop on new ones. When we looked around we saw everyone had the same green-topped pegs so the shop must have been doing a roaring trade!

lisad123 Sun 21-Aug-11 09:43:57

thanks for that, do I need rock pegs or just hard ground pegs?

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