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Please talk to me about your Emporer Bell tent

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cottonreels Wed 17-Aug-11 16:55:31

The one thats 6x4m, from
Basically, its a lot of money, we get on the verge of ordering it, then shy away again.
Is it too big for standard pitches?
Is it cold?

cottonreels Wed 17-Aug-11 22:16:04

Has no-one got this tent [worried]

Bellethebelltent Thu 18-Aug-11 19:58:30

We only have a 5m, but I saw an emporer at bestival, it looked fab, we can't wait to upgrade, the 5m will go on the side too, as a bedroom!!!

needanewname Thu 18-Aug-11 20:03:53

I've seen the emporer on Obelink and its truly gorgeous and massive.

At the time we were there it was a separate groundsheet but they now do it either ZIG or SIG. If it was there we'd have got it.

I think it would be colder, unless you could get the inner for it, then it would be fab.

Kingsroadie Fri 19-Aug-11 09:18:07

I have one. Have just started a thread as just got back from first trip away in it and lots of people wanted to see it so have put some pics on profile. I don't think it is too big for most pitches. Most of the outwells we have seen/looked at before we got this one we at least 6 metres long and 4m wide - in fact most were nearer 7m long.

There are no inners yet. Perhaps there will be next season. It feels really spacious due to high ceilings.

It wasn't cold. In fact was noticeably warmer inside the tent after being outside in the evening. 3m high ceiling. However, I would imagine it would be a bit colder than a 4/5m bell tent as it is bigger. But so are big vangos, outwells, etc.

It took two girls (husband was away) about 40 mins to pitch (and I had only done one practice pitch, and expect it will take less when we get used to it) which was much less than a family of 5 trying to pitch a massive outwell tent (2 hours)

Anyway I love it! and maybe will get a 5m at some point to add onto the end..grin But more than happy with him for now!

cottonreels Mon 22-Aug-11 14:25:38

Oh thanks Kingsroadie. Sorry Ive only just seen this (thought no one was responding), but Ive seen two photos of the outside on your profile and it does look lovely.
Ive still not made up my mind really and am now toying with the Touareg from Its a bit smaller (we're only two adults and a toddler) and Im thinking it would therefore be warmer. Also can be put up by one person. Havent seen either option in the 'flesh' so its really hard to know which way to go.
On the up-side, after a trial camp with my old nylon vango at the weekend - Ive dawned on a realisation... -the inner from my vango (with some added loops and bits of elastic) would be able to go in my new canvas tent saving over £100! Also wondering about glamping up the inner with fabric paints or some such (maybe thats a different topic!)
Anyone seen the Touareg AND the Emporer, or anyone have a Touraeg? Failing that can someone just tell me what to do? [laugh]

SalomeD Tue 23-Aug-11 12:23:44

CottonReels if you are thinking of painting the inner take a look at this blog Bells and Labs. Val does amazing paintovers on her collection of bell tents.

needanewname Tue 23-Aug-11 12:46:24

Wow, am going to have to show DH that site SalomeD - he thinks I'm bad for just wanting the 1 bell tent (which I now have and love!)

Cotton, I've seen the Touareg and whilst it looks nice, it would be cosy and too small for me (we have the 5m bell tent). Have also seen the Emporer and whilst I love it (really love it) it is huge!

I personally would go for a 5m bell tent so that there is more space as your lo gets older and bigger. If you're worries about the cold, I wouldn't go for the emporer (unless you have inners), if you're not too worries about the cold and are thinking of expanding your family, go for the emporer.

Does that help?

Kingsroadie Tue 23-Aug-11 17:31:15

Salome - that Alice in Wonderland one is amazing - I want it! grin

I looked at the Touareg (online, not in real life) lots and lots as my husband wanted it. But we decided it would be too small as we are planning on having more children. (ahem and I am unable to pack light). When we stayed in the Emperor it was warmer inside than out at night and although the third night was chillier (not sure how cold though - 10/12?) I wasn't cold in the tent. No inners available yet as I mentioned above - the normal bell tent ones won't work I don't think as it is 3m tall instead of 2.6m as I think the others are.

It is 6m x 4m so smaller than a lot of outwell family tents for eg. Some of those are over 7m long. But it seems bigger almost as it is so tall.

I do think you would be very hard pushed to put up the Emperor with one person. (It takes two people but one person can have minimal input - helping by holding the three A-frames while they are being put in and then pegging the guys down loosely to keep them up, and both taking one of the central poles and pushing them into position in the roof - which does not take long)

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