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Outwell Montana or Montana Lake?

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LondonSuperTrooper Mon 15-Aug-11 12:35:21

Hi all,

Well i have decided to take plunge & venture into the world of camping. I am a complete novice and have only been camping once with friends where we didn't even have to pitch the tent.

I have checked out the Mumsnet review and it seems that that Montana comes highly recommended (this is also the tent that we stayed in at our camping trip).

We went to a tent show over the weekend and we were set on buying the Outwell Montana 6 for around £400 or so. However, the sales people kept pushing recommending the polycotton tents. To purchase a polycotton tent means doubling our budget! To buy a the montana lake polycotton tent will cost us £800 shock shock

We are expecting to camping 3 times a year between may-september in the UK and hopefully venture into camping in europe in 2013.

I guess my question is, is buying the polycotton worth it? Or shall we stick to buying the nylon tent?

BTW, the sales people also recommened a Royal Winnipeg 4 polycotton tent and at £550 it's within our budget.



3rdnparty Mon 15-Aug-11 14:04:24

I love my polycotton bear lake- you will not regret it especially if you camp overseas- its cooler when hot and warmer when cooler - the Outwell ones are fantastically well made we've had ours for 3 years now and feel it will last for years... I just equate the cost to one weeks cottage hire and have used it for approx 13 weeks already grin so is complete bargain

the prices can be competitive if you shop around found the montana for £599 here

RatHammock Mon 15-Aug-11 14:07:57

I have no advice but wanted to say that I saw the title and thought it was a baby names thread. grin

ASByatt Mon 15-Aug-11 19:25:40

grin at RatHammock!!!

We also have a Bear Lake 6 (waves at 3rdnparty) and it is a fabulous tent, but I think you need to consider a few points.

Depending on the money issue, would it be better to buy something to try out camping for your family before deciding on a big spend on a polycotton? - Even if you maybe buy something and then sell it on/ebay it? It's just that it's not a cheap business, and you perhaps need to experience it for at least a weekend (could you borrow a tent?) before deciding what works for your family.

Other points to consider are that polycotton tents are very bulky and heavy - you need to seriously consider space in your car, or whether you would need - and be prepared - to get a trailer (we manage without, but have a v big car to compensate!)
Do you have an available space to dry out a polycotton tent at home properly before packing it away, if you have to return with it damp? (If not, it will rot!)
Are there enough adults to be able to heft a big heavy tent round to pitch/strike camp without someone needing to herd children? - Polycottons are v tough for 1 person to manage on their own.

That sounds negative - I don't mean it to, as I said our polycotton Bear is a really good tent, strong, cooler in the heat but warmer in the cold than a polyester tent, but it's such an important purchase that could colour your holidays for years to come, so you need to get it right.

Eeek, sorry for the essay!

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 17-Aug-11 12:47:42

grin @ Rat

ASByatt Unfortunatley I don't know anyone who can lend us a tent to try before we buy. We have only been one 1 camping trip and have just come back from Yurt 'glamping' holiday. We throroughly enjoyed ourselves on both occasions. With holidays abroad becoming more & more expensive we thought let's just try camping! I think even with 3 short camping trips next, we will get our money back on the intial expenditure of tents, sleeping bags etc.

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