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Help me with food please!?! Featherdown Farm Camper...

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huffythethreadslayer Sun 07-Aug-11 20:34:21

We're off posh camping to Featherdown Farm and I've got 4 evening meals to prepare on the woodburning stove. Last time we went, we couldn't get the stove to heat up too well, so apart from scrambled eggs, we lived on goats cheese, past and mince, bread and not a lot else.

This time we've got a vegetarian guest with us (not vegan, so eggs/cheese o.k). What can we cook that she'll like that's easy to do on either a woodburning stove or a camping stove? (yes...we're taking a camping stove as it's a darned sight easier than the burner, especially for morning coffees!).

Advice much appreciated.

lovecat Sun 07-Aug-11 20:58:06

Spanish omelette? Parboil chopped up salad spuds and then add to beaten eggs with peppers/onions/courgettes/whatever to make a big solid omelette thingy? nice with a salad, weather permitting...

Or maybe a veggie paella? Bring along some ready-to-cook rice in pouches and the veg as required? Someone was making this next to us on a Cadac on the campsite we were at last week, and it smelled wonderful!

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