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Glamping to damping

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Fuctifano Sun 07-Aug-11 20:23:55

Midgies aside, just back from a great weekend. Lovely and warm (by Highland standards) Fri but despite the warmth, last night the rain arrived and never halted. Had to bring my tent (Outwell Michigan 8) down drenched. Have stretched out carpet, groundsheet for porchy bit and footprint in my hall but how do I dry out the tent with a rather shit forecast?

PandaG Sun 07-Aug-11 20:25:20

over the bannisters - and move it to expose a different section so it all dries.

Lilyloo Sun 07-Aug-11 20:26:04

Just put it in an empty room and slowly turn it , we have thankfully only had to do this once after a wet week in Anglesy , luckily we have conservatory so was bone dry in a week.

Fuctifano Sun 07-Aug-11 20:48:50

I told DH the bannister and he scoffed I have now shown him this thread and he is subdued!! A conservatory would be great as would be an empty room so draping and moving it is. All worth it for a ferry to a island, a 7 mile walk and many laughs ... next year we go for a week!

Gymbob Sun 07-Aug-11 22:56:52

We took our tent down soaked too. When we got home, we layed it out on the garden and propped it up in the necessary places - it was dry in a couple of hours.

DH wanted to hang it over the washing line, but after a weeks camping it was fully booked all day smile

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