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recommend a Suffolk campsite

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kiwibella Sat 06-Aug-11 22:22:30

We're trawling UK Campsites for reviews of Suffolk campsites... and have that overwhelming feeling! We want to squeeze in a few days away and looking around Southwold. It doesn't have to be that precise location but very close to a good beach would be fab. We could do Norfolk area instead? Just cheap and cheerful. No bells or whistles needed smile I would love to read any suggestions you have.

SherlockHolmes Sat 06-Aug-11 22:57:39

Haven't visited, but Cliff House (Dunwich?) is supposed to be good, as is the Orchard campsite in Woodbridge. (We live in Norfolk so have friends who have been to both several times).

As far as Norfolk goes, Breck Farm near Weybourne is very good. Just a couple of big fields, where you can have a campfire; pitch where you like, showers and toilets. Others that come highly recommended are Deer's Glade and one at Stiffkey (whose name I can't remember). It depends what you're looking for really.

bbbbob Sat 06-Aug-11 23:03:42

I second Breck Farm. Very basic but great for the kids, campfire, woods for the kids to play in - it really is fab.
It is a way to Southwold though, but Wells next the Sea (just a few miles from Breck Farm) is a stunning beach to go to and the town is far more geared up for kids and family than Southwold IMO (apart from the lighthouse!) smile

kiwibella Sat 06-Aug-11 23:13:20

thanks! Basic is exactly what we are after. Cliff House looks fab but it would be the top end of our budget. I've just been reading another Wells-by-the-Sea thread and feel positive / tempted for that area too. Tbh, anywhere on a beach is good... or at least very close to a beach. The kids will happily occupy themselves.

bbbbob Sat 06-Aug-11 23:15:08

Wells is lovely. Am sure they have a campsite there too tho no idea what it is like.

mel2005 Sun 07-Aug-11 00:34:58

high sand creak in stifkey has been recommended to us loads of times, we will go when we get chance, we go to wells and holkham all year and we love holkham beach it must be the best in norfolk. the campsite actually at wells is expensive and has not so great reviews so we will certainly be camping at stifkey and walking to wells and holkham.
also we went to have a look at waxham sands this week, the beach is nice and the site was nice as well, we know people who camp ther alot and they love it

kiwibella Sun 07-Aug-11 13:20:17

thanks Mel. I've sent off a load of emails this morning. Waxham Sands don't seem to have an email????? How backwards grin

Zippylovesgeorge Sun 07-Aug-11 13:32:33

There is a campsite actually in Southwold smile and also one at Sizewell just down the coast - sorry don't know names of either. However they are both good places to stay smile

I think there are campsites also in Wickham Market & Friston - both relatively close to Southwold - again no names or recomendations for those though.

mamaduckbone Sun 07-Aug-11 21:18:56

The Orchard campsite at Wickham Market has a great atmosphere but does allow big groups as well as families so can be noisy - it's about half an hour from Southwold but inland so not right on a beach. The campsite in Southwold gets very crowded and is apparently the windiest campsite in the world, although I haven't stayed there. Breck Farm is gorgeous if you fancy Norfolk, and I'd recommend West Runton beach, ten minutes up the road between Sheringham and Cromer - great rockpooling as well as good building sand.

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