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Anyone coming to La Garangeoire on or just after 21st August? Wanna fridge?

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Lemonsole Fri 05-Aug-11 20:45:35

What it says, really. We're going to be here for three weeks, and buying a small fridge was cheaper than hiring one.

So, if you're going to be here after we leave, would you like to make us an offer? Fridge hire here is 6 Euros a day. Post back on the thread, and I'll check it from time to time.

If you're here now, let's have a wine...

midnightexpress Fri 05-Aug-11 20:48:08

Aww, we were there a few weeks ago. Twas lovely. Hope you're having fun.

Don't need a fridge here though.

Though a wine would be nice.

Lemonsole Thu 11-Aug-11 20:15:55

Rainy first week, but some sun this week to raise our spirits. Enjoy that sunshiny wine... Whereabouts were you? Tent or static>

A shameless bump, too.

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