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7.5cm or 10cm self-inflating mattress

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DontCallMeBaby Wed 03-Aug-11 20:14:51

Help ... I need to decide. One of our airbeds has self-destructed and we need a replacement - it's going to be mine as I seem to sleep worst out of the three of us, while camping at least. We're off on the 12th August so not a huge amount of time to get something. There seems to be little stock in our nearest Go Outdoors, and Attwoolls (bit more of a trek) don't have a huge choice, so trying before I buy isn't much of an option.

So, the thing is - 7.5cm or 10cm? 7.5cm seems like it should be okay, it's a 'luxury' option compared to 2.5cm or 5cm, but I can't help but think that 10cm ones exist for a reason ... but perhaps just to make money for the manufacturers?! I'm really tempted to go for 7.5cm (looking at a Vango one in this thickness) as they're far cheaper, but would hate to be lying there wide awake in the middle of the night with my hip on the ground wishing I'd spent the extra money.

Is 10cm worth it, the extra price and the packing size, for comfort? I'm sure they are more comfy, but sufficiently so, or is 7.5cm sufficient? I'm pretty much invariably a side sleeper, I have hips but none of me is quite as well padded as it was, so need a bit of give/support in ways DH and DD don't.

Off to chuck a child in the bath now, would really welcome some input ... smile

Kingsroadie Wed 03-Aug-11 20:30:05

Not that this helps but we have ordered the 10cm gelert adventure ones. They haven't arrived yet but will let you know how they feel when they do and report back post-camping trip in 10 days time. By then no doubt you will have bought yours though! I went for 10cm as we aren't going to be going without a car ever so the weight wasn't a massive issue... Good luck with your search!

DontCallMeBaby Wed 03-Aug-11 21:21:17

We're unlikely to camp without a car either ... unless DD and I do Camp Bestival again (festival camping being an unholy union of all the worst things about car camping and backpacking combined, I've decided). Airbeds aren't exactly light though. Hm. Decisions!

Kingsroadie Thu 04-Aug-11 13:21:03

Don't - they have arrived and feel great - pretty firm which I like, and feels like sleeping on a firm mattress to me. They are bulkyish but not too bad (our kingsize aerobed was bigger and heavier) and they do take a bit of elbow grease to get them deflated and rolled up (but I managed okay by myself). But I think they seem great!

Yes - sounds like festival camping must be a bit tricky if you are used to car camping - loads of heavy gear - how to transport it!?

lovecat Thu 04-Aug-11 15:03:52


Kings, how do they compare to an aerobed? I too have the 'sleeping on the side and feeling my hip dig into the ground' thing going on when on a 5cm SIM, but I've come to the conclusion I can't sleep on a standard single airbed, as it's too narrow (I sleep sprawled as well), after our last break.

I've been looking at the Aerobed active plus, as it seems both wide and deep, but have also been eyeing up the Gelert XLs...

Which would you recommend/prefer?

Cheers smile

Kingsroadie Thu 04-Aug-11 15:30:07

Lovecat - Well, I haven't actually slept on the sim yet, have only tried it out. I too have sleeping on side, hip hurting if on something like a rolled out futon mat. But this seems fine (again, after 5 mins though not a night...)

My thing re sims was that they are smaller than aerobed (although I suppose 2 sims are bigger than one aerobed) and you don't have to bother with pumping them up using car or ehu. The thing about airbeds is that they do raise you up off the floor which is quite nice. Also the gelert sim is only 63cm wide I think so would be narrower than a single airbed by quite a bit - or were you planning to get two and sleep on them as a double?

Sorry - that isn't much help to you at the mo!

DontCallMeBaby Thu 04-Aug-11 15:32:13

I had to make a decision last night, and opted for Outwell Comfort 7cm thickness ones. 10cm ones seemed very bulky, and I realised that the Vango 7.5cm ones I was looking at were also very bulky packed down - as much so as the 10cm ones. The Outwell looks like it SHOULD be a good compromise between comfort and a reasonable pack size. DD is happy on an airbed, but if we ended up getting DH a SIM as well two bulky ones would take up quite a lot of room, that plus a Montana 6 and the incredible-kitchen-sink-packing-woman (ie me) and we'd be struggling to fit it all in the ar.

lovecat Thu 04-Aug-11 15:45:17

Thanks Kings, the one I was looking at was this, which works off a rechargeable pump in what is advertised as a very short time.

As DH and DD are just as happy on the floor I was planning on having it all to myself (bwah ha haaa!) and when DD and I go off for weekends alone we can share it with our double sleeping bag on top.

I found the 5cm one was fine to begin with, and quite comfy for lying on my back, but as soon as I want to get to sleep I have to lie on my side, and after about 10 mins I found it was really digging in. Don't want to buy a bigger one and find the same problem.

I am actually rather peeved that I am the one who loves camping but I'm the one who can't sleep while the other two are snoring away in the land of nod 5 mins after lights out!

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