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Do we need a weekend tent?

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anchovies Wed 03-Aug-11 15:23:57

At the moment dh hates camping. We have an Outwell Hartford L which is pretty gigantic and takes a long time to put up. Although this isn't his only issue with camping, I know he finds the putting up and taking down (usually in the rain) one of the most stressful bits.

So bearing in mind he has agreed to give it another go I am now wondering whether it is worth getting one of the Quecha pop up tents. There are 5 of us but I was thinking maybe for 1 or 2 nights they would still be ok?

I so want him to love camping so if anyone has any other ideas to make the experience more fun that would be great (so far the only other things I have come up with are red wine and a big cheese board grin)

shouldbeelswhere Wed 03-Aug-11 22:29:57

My DH hates camping, his objections are lack of comfort sleeping and the whole putting up and taking down the tent, setting up thing - so far we've accomodated this by having a queen size inflatable mattress (which I love and he doesn't moan about!) and we go separtely. I drive the children up to where ever we're going and put up the tent with the help of my 7yr old and get all set up, he then follows up later when the tent's all set up. No more arguements and we're both happy. The extra expense and toil is made up for by me having extra space for more camping goodies and him having a relaxing drive without the "are we there yet"!!!

lovecat Wed 03-Aug-11 22:33:55

Stove top Espresso maker. DH is always happier with a cup of proper coffee.

notwavingjustironing Thu 04-Aug-11 09:33:07

I find leaving DH behind makes for a much less stressful camping experience.

shouldbeelswhere Thu 04-Aug-11 11:28:43

ha ha notwavingjustironing, you have a point there! plus love the name grin

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