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mel2005 Mon 01-Aug-11 14:53:05

here are some photos of my 5m soulpad bell tent with the canvas tent wing and coleman event shelter. i dont know how to add the photos into the thread so made a everyone viewable album on facebook.
with the tent wing, i used a small cup from the kids play kitchen to stop the pointy bit of the pole on the door from ripping the tarp, a cork would do but the only one i could find had red wine on and i didnt want it to stain the canvas.

MollieO Mon 01-Aug-11 22:39:35

The tarp looks fab. I assume you'd need an extra large pitch to have the event shelter as that looks huge! Was it easy to put up?

mel2005 Mon 01-Aug-11 23:00:16

its almost as big as the tent. TBH it was a bit of a pain to put the event shelter up. i did it on my own, so would be easier with two people. we got it from amazon and i was really annoyed that all the poles were scratched and chipped and it had obviously been put up before and one of the elastics in the poles had been broken. there were some basic illustrated instructions sewn into the bag but not any real instructions i am assuming the people who had it before didnt put them back in before they returned it. i will be e-mailing amazon to let them know about it tomorrow. it is ok though a nice useful space and much better than the gazebos we have had before.

we bought it for the carpenter to work under as he has a big job to do outside it will also be handy for my sons birthday party in september and for a general shade for the garden. not sure if we would take it with us camping unless we went with friends as it is massive but it would make a nice communal area, it would be worth putting it up if you had quite a few people to sit with.
i love the tent wing, that was easier to put up and gave a nice little seating area for my bargain £4.50 john lewis chairs. i will be packing it up with the tent as i cant imagine using the tent without the wing now. it has the same style pole as the soulpad, not flimsy like the ones i have with my blacks tarps.

mogs0 Tue 02-Aug-11 15:59:12

Fab photos! Were your £4.50 chairs bought recently?

mel2005 Tue 02-Aug-11 21:19:45

ordered them 4th july in the JL sale online, they were called 'beach chairs' the tag said £9 which was a good deal full price compared to others for sale. they are pretty basic but comfy to sit on and i dont really mind the kids climbing on and off them and making dens with them. i thought they would be great for us as we have four children 6y, 5y and 2.5y twins so i needed something low to the ground that also wouldnt tip up easily and they have a book pocket in the back which is always handy.

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