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Could someone please come and talk to me about campfires?

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Kingsroadie Mon 01-Aug-11 12:13:33

What's the deal with them? If campsites allow them what do you make them in/on? Do you have to take something?

I have bought a cobb - does that throw off much heat with the lid off?

Thanks for answering all my silly questions!

BluddyMoFo Mon 01-Aug-11 12:16:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MisSalLaneous Mon 01-Aug-11 12:28:47

I only go to small campsites, so this won't apply to all, but there the "fire pits" were always a circle / square packed from bricks, and then you have to keep your fire in there. Essential, otherwise people would just make it all over the place, which is both dangerous and awful (kills grass, makes dirty ash heaps everywhere, so difficult for owners to clean out).

Like BluddyMoFo said, they usually (always in our case) sell wood. Order it in advance if you can, because deliveries later in the day are always wayyy after I've wanted to start the fire! Also, don't forage for wood / kindling unless specifically allowed by site.

Unless a site clearly states that you have to bring your own firepit, I would assume they either provide or you're allowed to make on the ground if fires are allowed.

CaptainNancy Mon 01-Aug-11 12:39:53

You also need to have a bucket (to fill with water for emergencies) if you want to have a fire... as we found out too late last time we camped.

Kingsroadie Mon 01-Aug-11 12:54:10

Thanks everyone. Yes I had seen mention of firepits etc on lots of websites but the one we are going to doesn't mention them at all so have emailed to ask. Silly question but if there are firepits/already used spots, then assume they aren't necessarily near to your tent? So have to make a fire and sit around it some distance from your tent?

BluddyMoFo/MisSal - thanks for wood tip - I have my cobblestones for cobb, will get some charcoal as well and wood if allowed fires. Don't think the site has a shop at all actually. Yes I wouldn't forage for anything at the site unless it was allowed. Not good for conservation! smile

Captain - good idea re bucket... also doubles as storage/wee bucket I believe...

MisSalLaneous Mon 01-Aug-11 13:11:58

We have always pitched a safe distance from fire (at least couple of meters) as you have to be sure sparks don't fly into your tent! Wind can start blowing quickly, and, especially nylon tents can burn down in minutes. I'm not trying to be overly dramatical - we ALWAYS make campfires, and I've even got a wood burner that I'll use in the winter in my (canvas) tent. But open fires and sparks are dangerous, so you just need to take really good care. We always take a fire blanket too.

Kingsroadie Mon 01-Aug-11 13:50:16

We have canvas too! It has arrived today and am totally excited...

Well, I won't be having a campfire anyway as the site doesn't allow them - got a rather abrupt email saying "we most definitely DO NOT allow campfires....BBQs off the grass are fine but we are a grass site and value it." Chill out - was only asking - no wish to ruin the perfect grass! grin

MisSalLaneous Mon 01-Aug-11 15:04:59

Wow, that's quite a strong reaction to an innocent question. However, perhaps they have had problems with this / repeated requests. The good thing is that they sound relatively strict, which can only be a good thing. Have a lovely time! What tent do you have (am just being nosy).

CaptainNancy Mon 01-Aug-11 15:10:34

If you look on UKcampsite site, there is a specific option to search regionally for sites that allow campsites.
There are also a few threads on here that recommend sites that allow fires.

Kingsroadie Mon 01-Aug-11 16:53:02

I know MisSal - So I replied saying "okay thanks - just thought I'd ask! Not sure how good I'd be at a campfire anyway"

I have read some reviews and there are some saying they are lovely - super helpful and some saying they are rather strict! Am slightly worried as first time camping in a proper site since I went with my parents when small and I have a 20 month old and a puppy going with us (and no husband as he can't get away from work so my friend is coming too thank god! And my mother for the third and final night). Am scared we're going to be thrown out or something if the dog barks. (On one review somebody said that apparently the owners asked a family to leave as the kids were running riot in the bathrooms etc - assume repeatedly - but shows the owners have some balls!)

We have a brand new Emperor Bell tent, which is enormous (had to get it from belltent uk and have heard some not great things about them and their attitudes but I ordered it Thursday night and it arrived today). Am extremely excited but slightly worried about putting it up without a man to help (and for the first time too). Sure we'll be fine though - girl power and all that... hmm

Thanks Captain - I wasn't especially bothered about a campfire tbh - so don't mind too much! But good to know for future ref as they are lovely!

Quick question - would you say a windbreak is useful/essential (wasn't going to bother as we have spent so much but if it is then I'll get one)?

fluffles Tue 02-Aug-11 11:04:49

we also have a 'bucket bbq' which most sites allow as it has legs and doesn't sit directly on the ground, after eating we stoke it up with lumpwood charcoal which gives a brazier effect - not quite as good as a proper campfire but still keeps you warm.

FlubbaBubba Tue 02-Aug-11 18:22:56

What a shame you're not allowed campfires - and a weird response from campsite owners!

I wouldn't bother with a windbreak. We've never used one, nor felt we needed one.

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