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Yet another Cobb question - casseroles etc?

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fatsatsuma Mon 01-Aug-11 09:47:06

Im already a Cobb devotee but plan to use it differently this summer. So far we have always used cobblestones - v easy, quick but expensive - and used it like a BBQ.

Im sure I've read of people (Slubber, it must be you) leaving the Cobb happily cooking a stew or something while they go out for the afternoon. Please tell me more grin.

I guess I would need the frying pan/wok thing
which I've found sold separately on Amazon. Im planning to use charcoal. Presumably the dome lid fits on the wok pan?

Would it really cook gently enough to be left for several hours? I have horrible visions of returning hungrily from the beach to find a cremated casserole...

fatsatsuma Mon 01-Aug-11 12:00:12

Right. I have ordered the frying dish from Amazon, and will do some experimenting! Any advice gratefully received smile

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