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Campsites in Sussex or Kent

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GoodDaysBadDays Sun 31-Jul-11 20:57:21

Haven't been camping for the last three years, two youngest have been babies so haven't braved it with them, but are desperate to get back to it next summer.

Am doing my usual searches for campsites but wondered if anyone had any recommendations? (Hadn't discovered MN three years ago!)

I like the quieter, more basic sites and love the working farm sites where the children can help with feeding etc but am realistic that two teenage boys aren't as keen and would rather they were off somewhere on-site in the evenings so we can relax by the tent with the (hopefully) sleeping babies, rather than hanging around bored!

We will have ds1 15, ds2 14, ds3 5 (with sn so in reality 3-4yo) and dd1 3

So our requirements will be:

Near a beach


Somewhere to play football

Club house / evening entertainment for older ds's (if a smaller site, games room would be enough but although we would have recoiled from big 'disco' affairs once, if they're happy, we're happy- we've spent the last few summers at Butlins so are no longer scared of all that grin )

Park for little ones

Prefer no arcades/rides etc but guess this is unrealistic if we want the teen stuff!

Electric hook-up pitch

And of course nice showers and loos!


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