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Gelert tent no instructions for pitching - novice campers going tomorrow!

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pleasenap Sat 30-Jul-11 23:04:05

We have just bought a Gerlert Tanis - its a tunnel tent with 2 bedroom compartments (vis a vis?). Trouble is...there's no instructions and we're complete virgin campers and are going tomorrow.

We tried putting it up in the garden today and are having a wee bit of trouble. Looked pretty wonky and not very taut fitting.

It has a sewn in groundsheet attached to the bedroom sections and an outer fly sheet.

What we tried was:

Attach bedroom section to fly sheet
Insert poles
put in guy ropes
peg it all down

Is this the right order, or what would the order be?

Ceolas Sun 31-Jul-11 10:29:56

Gelert website states instructions are sewn into the carry bag. Have you checked this?

pleasenap Sun 31-Jul-11 13:04:14

Yes, I saw that but it was more pointers of don't pitch on rocks and stuff rather than specific instructions of how to erect the tent. I guess we'll wing it and see!

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