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Right. I'm going camping without a car next Saturday for a whole week with three year old, can anyone help me to learn to travel light?

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SingOut Sat 30-Jul-11 21:09:24

It's all booked so you're free to tell me I'm mad grin but I'm definitely going.
I have DS aged almost 3, and me. We're going by train, live very close to the station here and will get getting a taxi or lift at the other end.

I have a huge backpack that can have stuff strapped to it, and a 40 litre shopping trolley, and will be holding DS's paw in the other hand. A friend is lending me a tent, foldy chair and a saucepan. Everything else I have to take. I've been going camping for years, but my last train-camping was before I had DS. I'd really appreciate any sage advice on how to travel light with a child, how to pack effectively and anything I might not have considered. Or just have a laugh at how crazy I am, of course wink

I have two good 3 season sleeping bags in stuff sacks for me and DS, and two self inflating mats, nice light ones. Not sure whether to take wellies for me as mine are so big and heavy, and not sure how much clothing we'll each need. DS not potty trained yet so in nappies, and I'm planning to wash stuff while there.

So, is travelling light something you can learn if it doesn't come naturally? Because it'll have to be! grin Share your tips!

festi Sun 31-Jul-11 11:00:42

good for you where are you going? I am in same boat but have not booked up yet as I have traweled the internet and cant seem to find any where close to train or bus route.

some advice, pack only enough clothes for wear one day or two or three if you are washing there maybe take only 2 or 3 sets of clothes. But layers are essential for colder nights at a camp site. roll clothes in sets, ie tops, pants trousers etc. roll clothes in the sleeping bags and mats to travel and use luggage to carry other items that are bulky or heavy. Bye nappies there. weare the wellies traveling.

list what you need, pack it up then load it up on you the day before and get rid of what you cant take only way of doing it. Use the push chair to load things on. If dc is 3 could you use the push chair to travel with loaded up and dc walk on off transport and short distances. I took dds push chair on holiday last year, caravaning just to transport luggage, she is 5 and didnt use it at all.

buy and use disposable bbq for cooking etc. buy flat water bottles or save a large watter bottle you have used to have a drink when traveling then you dont need to take it home again.

Riveninside Sun 31-Jul-11 19:01:50

Done it loads of time. One bowl and spoon and cup each. Get food at the destination train station and then get taxi to campsite.

YellowDinosaur Sun 31-Jul-11 21:21:05

Sorry not a prayer I can help you with this (my dh is sniggering at the thought of me camping light!) but I take my hat off to you. camping on your own with a toddler AND going by train! You do liek a challenge don't you?! grin

Good luck!

SingOut Mon 01-Aug-11 11:14:43

Thanks for the responses! smile Its a large singing camp where people camp in communal villagy 'circles' and share equipment and cooking usually, so I'm hoping I'll be alright for some stuff. Also keeping fingers crossed that I'll be able to catch a lift with someone in my circle if they go to the supermarket so I can stock up on stuff there. There is a small shop in the village, and an organic farm shop up the lane.

No pushchair, only shopping trolley, so everything will go on that and the backpack. I started a list last night and am feeling both less and more panicky. When I did a slight experimental pre-pack, everything was both slightly bigger and heavier than I had recalled. <gulp>

I will update this when I get back if not before to post how things went; there is relatively little about camping with kids and without a car on the internet, and I found the few posts from other people that have done this very inspirational.

Fennel Mon 01-Aug-11 11:19:01

We have camped and travelled quite a lot with kids and without a car (just about to go camping for 11 days with 3 kids no car, on an island without many facilities, I am finding this a bit of a packing challenge).

For toddlers we found toys to be a bit of a thing to consider. Mine did need some toys or activities, but they would get tired of stuff quite quickly. Lightweight toys that they got good use of in a tent included, a few small playmobil figures and bits and pieces, some plasticine (you can make other toys out of it), a couple of small plastic cars or boats you can make tracks for on the campsite, pens and paper. If they don't still put them in their mouth then marbles can be good on a campsite, you can make runs for them from bits of wood etc.

Good wellies and all-over rain clothes are really important cos if clothes underneath stay dry you don't need nearly so many. But take spare socks mine always run out of socks cos they keep getting them wet.

SingOut Thu 04-Aug-11 10:54:02

Thanks for that Fennel, I especially like the idea of plasticine for making multiple toys wink
DS has a togz all in one rain suit and wellies so he'll be alright. I was contemplating leaving my own wellies at home but have decided to take them as I feel the cold, and having permanently wet feet is one of the most miserable things imaginable.
I have my mum babysitting today, so will be doing my first trial pack in peace. Spread everything out onto my double bed. Gaze at it all. Take photo for posterity. Panic. Try and cram it into the bags. Discard clothing. Etc grin

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