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novice camper - what to take please

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vividgingerchilli Sat 30-Jul-11 20:59:56

We are camping for the first time, for either one night or two.
We have got a list of what we are taking:
tent (!)
a pillow and sleeping bag each
a camping mat each
2 camping lanterns with batteries
something to eat and drink (though we are buying fish and chips for our evening meal)
wash kit with towel

What else should we take?

mouthwash7 Mon 08-Aug-11 22:56:41

If I'm not too late a mallet to bash the tent pegs in. Something to carry water - so you don't have to keep going to and from the tap. Some clothes pegs to hang up tea towels. Have you got a cooker and kettle to make a cup of tea? If you are doing any washing up - take a washing up bowl or bucket to carry it up to the washing up area. Chairs and table? The list is endless.

LittlePushka Mon 08-Aug-11 23:13:41

I would take your duvet to put over you both in your bags. it will be cold. I have only ever camped on a mat once... but if your budget can stretch to it i would recommend a pair of single blow up mattresses or at least a cheap or spare double duvet to also put on top of the mats to lie on.

Do not underestimate the cold - especially on a clear night after a clear sky warm summer day!

get a couple of head torches from the pound shop.

earplugs if you are very light sleepers - you can hear every one do everything on a busy campsite.

Also I second mouthwash7 - definitely something for a brew first thing in the morning!

I hope you have fun, grin

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