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Has anyone been to Pentewan Sands, Cornwall?

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PebblesAndWine Fri 29-Jul-11 10:25:38

What did you think? It looks amazing!

suntansue Sun 31-Jul-11 13:37:06

Hi, Ive been there 3 years ago, we booked a caravan and it was fab, the kids loved it and there was plenty to do. the entertainment was great and they give away loads of prizes to the kids.
my SIL and her family go every year (past 5 years) and its there first time to camp this summer :/
there is a new beach bar/resturaunt this year and she said its fab when she rang us, they get back on friday so will get an overall view on the camping thing then, maybe we will buy a tent and go with them next year as she has paid less than half the fee to camp too what the cost of a caravan is.

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