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Novice camper- how cold is Cornwall in August?

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TheRedSalamander Fri 29-Jul-11 09:05:15

I know that this is largely dependent on the weather, but assuming a standard UK summer, (maybe a few hours of sun during the day, plus a bit of drizzle and mostly clouds) how prepared should we be for cold nights? Have planned on taking long sleeved/trousered pj's for our 2 dc's plus all in one snuggle suits and they have nice warm sleeping bags. But a couple of posts have really worried me and now I am thinking that this won't be enough!

(actually I am more concerned about DH as he can be a bit precious- and as this is our first camping trip I need to make sure it is a success otherwise all the equipment will be going on ebay the day after we get back!)

Kladdkaka Fri 29-Jul-11 10:51:02

I've found that some nights are fine and others can be really, really cold. We always take a pile of extra blankets too now.

Vibrant Fri 29-Jul-11 10:54:23

Make sure you insulate from underneath as well as on top. We usually have a foam mat, blanket, mattress, blanket, sleeping bag and blanket on top if need be. I often find that the first night is the coldest, then either the tent warms up hmm or I get used to it.

TobyLerone Fri 29-Jul-11 10:55:33

Will you have airbeds? One tip is to put a blanket underneath you, on top of the airbed. Seems to stop too much cold coming up from the ground and makes quite a big difference.

TobyLerone Fri 29-Jul-11 10:55:51

x-posted grin

ihatethecold Fri 29-Jul-11 18:16:49

we sleep in tracksuit bottoms, the fleecy kind rather than pj bottoms, that helps sometimes, and tuck the bottom of the trousers into your socks at night.

TheRedSalamander Sat 30-Jul-11 07:05:06

Thanks for the advice everyone. Things to add to packing list:
More blankets
Unseasonally warm bed clothes
A stronger disposition


MilaMae Sat 30-Jul-11 20:55:22

Just got back from 10 days camping in Cornwall and seriously wondering if we must have super warm sleeping bags or something.

We camp in Cornwall every summer and have never been cold,ever.It's sooooo mild. We have Outwell Camperlux bags,airbeds and long sleeved pjs-that's it.Never woken up cold-ever!!!!

In fact we've often had to kick off said bags as been tooo warm.

startail Sat 30-Jul-11 21:06:16

Also long pegs and strong guy ropes, it can be very windy.

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