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Good toddler campsites North Yorks near seaside?

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MmeButterfly Thu 28-Jul-11 22:58:28

Hi all, we're planning on taking our 16 month old dd camping in late August/early September (for the first time....!) and wondering if anyone could recommend any good sites in North Yorks by the coast. I'm thinking somewhere that has an on site adventure playground might be good for those long evenings outside when we're trying to tire her out!! Also any other tips on sleeping gear and other essentials would be much appreciated as we've never done this before although we're really looking forward to it!

silverten Fri 29-Jul-11 08:39:41

We are just off to Cote Ghyll in Osmotherley (website here)for the second time this year with our 18m DD. Maybe a bit far for seaside but Whitby is a nice day trip. Instead of the beach however it is also very close to the old sheep wash area (five min drive) which would be great for a toddler and for you to chill a bit on a sunny day (just a few bends in a shallow stream with an open grassy area and parking- plenty of rocks for splash splash games- nicer than it sounds, promise!).

Really plush site with all facilities, including a couple of playgrounds (swings etc.). No need to worry about 20ps for showers or anything which is nice. Even has a shop if you forget stuff. Fifteen minutes pleasant walk into the village which has a couple of pubs and shops etc. Lovely place!

As regards stuff I wouldn't bother too much about lots of toys (they will be ignored in favour of the latest creepy crawly) and camping kit is more fun to play with anyway. The only major thing I think to worry about is sleeping arrangements: I use a playpen-style travel cot for DD with a couple of cot blankets on the mattress for warmth (I bought a couple of lengths of polar fleece off the roll in a material shop which are great) and dress her up in layers before her usual sleeping bag, then a cardi over the top. On really cold nights we use socks on her hands and a woolly hat.

I would also recommend you take plenty of sleeved overall-style bibs for feeding as food mess in a tent is much more irritating than at home and cleaning up is annoying when you have to traipse even a few yards to the tap!

MmeButterfly Fri 29-Jul-11 11:00:04

Silverten! Thanks for this it sounds perfect! I'll look it up! Great advice re: what to take too except we have a travel cot that dd is just a little too big for now - she has a toddler bed at home now so wondered if you knew of a larger equivalent? I think i know the polar fleece you mentioned - is it the stuff they put in quilts etc?

silverten Fri 05-Aug-11 10:14:08

Hello, sorry, only just got back! Just had a fab week in sunny Yorkshire. Whitby beach is now my favourite beach ever. I can also recommend Monk Park Farm for a day trip- lots of nice animals for a toddler to gawp at.

Polar fleece is the stuff that fleece outdoor jackets are made of. (not polyester wadding which is what I think you are thinking of)

When I get to the stage of dumping the travel cot I think I'll try an all-in-one mattress and sleeping bag for DD. The sort that have two sausagey things either side to stop the child rolling out. I think they are called Ready-Beds? (Argos sell them- covered in horrible cartoon characters)

Take lots of citronella candles as well!

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