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Camping when pregnant

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tilder Thu 28-Jul-11 20:51:10

Hello ladies. We are due to camp for a week next month and was really looking forward to it but following a weekend camp am now a bit unsure about the whole bed thing. I have 2 dc already and from experience know that from around 6 months pregnant I tend to get pain in my hips at night but thought I would be OK at the moment (am only 3 months). I found sleeping on an airbed very uncomfortable - shooting pains in my hips etc. Really not nice and not sure I can face a week of it.

So basically, has anyone else camped when pregnant and if so what/how did you get comfortable at night? We have airbeds, roll mats etc. Advice please!

TarynM Thu 28-Jul-11 21:47:00

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

bilblio Thu 28-Jul-11 22:02:22

I'll let you know on Sunday. hmm
I've never camped when pregnant before but we're going tomorrow for a weekend, and again in a fortnight. I'm 6 months pregnant, have SPD and haven't been sleeping well anyway. But I can't stand the thought of the tent not being used at all this summer. We only bought it last year and DD has been asking to go camping again all over winter.

I never liked my airbed, although putting a duvet over the top did improve it. We've got SIM now and they're really really comfy. As comfy as my memory foam mattress.

I'd second the duvet on top of the airbed, and pillow between the knees. I have a really wide sleeping bag so I can spread out inside it, but if you've got a narrow mummy style sleeping back you might be better sleeping under a duvet too. We used to do this until we got the wide sleeping bags.

emsies Thu 28-Jul-11 22:04:37

We used a self-inflating camping mat thing (thermarest are the leader but we have a cheaper version) and found that far far far more comfotable than an air bed which I never want to use again! Covered it in one double douvet, another on top and bliss...

acatcalledfelix Thu 28-Jul-11 22:08:59

I camped at 5 months and didn't find it too bad as my newish airbed stayed inflated till morning, which my old one wasn't too good at. I slept in a mummy bag and on reflection could have done with more room. But, i'd've been cold just under a duvet (it was in June).

My best buy was my Travel Johns, portalble urinals! Perfect when bub is pressing on your bladder in the middle of the night smile

flowerfairy Fri 29-Jul-11 10:02:29

I went camping for 9 nights when 3 months pg. We have a self-inflating mattress which was at the end of its life (ie had a puncture and had tried to fix it but required extra puffs of air each night). Did suffer with a bad back when waking up. Worse thing was having to get up to use the loo in the night, when i had got comfy. We have double sleeping bag so was plenty of room.

tilder Fri 29-Jul-11 10:04:48

Thanks for the ideas - will take thermarests as well and had forgotton the pillow between leg trick. bilblio what is a SIM?

Don't want to miss the camping trip - love camping and the kids are really looking forward to it, just not really looking forward to the nights!

CaptainNancy Fri 29-Jul-11 10:09:17

SIM= self-inflating matress (like thermarests I guess)

I camped up until 7mo in 2nd pg- on thermarests, with extra pillows/blanket for comfort.

bilblio Sun 31-Jul-11 19:45:15

I'm back from my camping trip. Yes, SIM is a self-inflating mat. We have Dozers from Alpkit, and my wide sleeping bag. I forgot the extra blankets though, stupid preggie brain!
The first night I didn't sleep so well, but that was mainly down to being a bit cold, (missing my blankets.) Comfort wise I was fine though, even with the SPD. The 2nd night I was warm, but the extra walking on the beach had made my hips & back really sore so I woke at 5am and didn't sleep well after that because of the pain.

So in conclusion with a decent mattress I slept as well in the tent as at home. I even made it through till the morning without needing the loo! That involved a lot of mind over matter.... and I didn't want to get cold trekking to the toilet.

I'm going again in 2 weeks too so it must have been fine. smile

mamaduckbone Tue 02-Aug-11 20:38:03

I camped 36 weeks pregnant - only for 2 nights mind - and found my airbed more comfortable than my bed at home as it moulded to the shape of my bump and I didn't have as much hip pain. Although by that stage I was so uncomfortable in bed that anything seemed an improvement.

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