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What are the true essentials that you take camping?

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countdowntoxmas Thu 28-Jul-11 18:33:52

Going camping for the first time and want to know what I should really bring with us. What have been your lifesavers and your time wasters?

mollymole Thu 28-Jul-11 19:10:40

Quality sleeping bag, small gas stove, kettle, tea bags, mug .

BluddyMoFo Thu 28-Jul-11 19:11:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SalomeD Thu 28-Jul-11 20:18:05

SIMs (self-inflating mats) and tea

kitbit Thu 28-Jul-11 21:17:48

Warm bedding. I can do discomfort if I really have to and I can do without stuff but being cold is crap.

And crocs or flip flops for tramping through wet grass to get to the loo and for wearing in the shower.

Ephiny Thu 28-Jul-11 21:22:59

Good waterproof trousers and jacket, warm hat, plenty of warm layers to put on in the evening and at night if needed. Being able to stay warm and dry makes the biggest difference to whether you have a fun or miserable time in my experience! That and being able to make a nice hot cup of tea.

Do NOT forget your torch (and spare batteries)! Always bring your own loo roll, and plenty of it.

I wouldn't bother with airbeds, waste of space and time, and cold to sleep on. Get a SIM if you want to spend the money, basic foam mat otherwise.

tarantula Thu 28-Jul-11 21:29:39

Essentials IMO are to be warm and dry so

Good tent
Good sleeping bags
stove, pot and tea bags
layers of clothing

PrettyCandles Thu 28-Jul-11 21:32:10

What everyone else has said, especially re loo trips at night (a small bucket with a tight-fitting lid!).

Waste of space: too many clothes for the dc. Take one set of grots to wear on-site, and one set of neats to wear off-site, plus a set of spares. On-site, the dc run around in shorts and bare feet in all weathers, with a raincoat if necessary, because bare skin dries faster than wet clothes and wipes clean faster than shoes.

Have fun!

justhavintheone Thu 28-Jul-11 21:38:40

plenty plenty booze x

MedusaIsHavingABadHairDay Thu 28-Jul-11 22:40:28

I always take the microwave (apologies to wild campers..I'm more a glamper grin)

However next on my list are lots of warm layers, a decent tent, decent sleeping bags and camping beds.. I prefer those as no risk of them deflating in the night!

Lots of

PebblesAndWine Fri 29-Jul-11 12:34:58

I second the wine! (Of course)

Scholes34 Fri 29-Jul-11 21:51:32

Italian stove top coffee maker (amongst other things, of course, but this is now an absolute essential for us). And a sieve for draining quick cook pasta - has to be quick cook so you don't waste the gas.

cottonreels Sat 30-Jul-11 10:49:47

Hot water bottle (as well as the sleeping and cooking stuff obviously!) and a wooly hat

poppyboo Sat 30-Jul-11 18:19:58

extra fleece blankets (ikea have really cheap ones and they roll up nice and small!) emergancy ear plugs. Hot water bottle (must!) Wooly socks. Crocs. Welly boots.

AnaS Sun 31-Jul-11 15:51:56

Wine and chocolate!!!

Ineedalife Sun 31-Jul-11 16:15:52

Strong carrier bags/baby Ikea bags for putting clothes in while you are in the shower,

Everything everyone else said for warmth/water proofinggrin.

JetLi Mon 01-Aug-11 07:50:09

For us a good nights sleep is the main thing, so we don't skimp on sleeping kit - warm PJ's, pillows, mats, sleeping bags etc. Never underestimate how cold it gets at night - even in the height of summer, and a bad night makes for grumpy campers all the next day.

mamaduckbone Tue 02-Aug-11 20:42:57

earplugs, warm sleeping stuff and a cafetiere.

timetosmile Tue 02-Aug-11 20:46:31

String and pegs and duck tape, and a zip-close plastic food bag to keep the matches in.

Shoutymomma Wed 17-Aug-11 20:10:50

A good knife. Ear-plugs. If you forget the ear-plugs, use the knife.

5ofus Wed 17-Aug-11 20:30:00

If you PM me your email address I'll send you my master camping list.

Shoutymomma Wed 17-Aug-11 22:35:10


seeker Wed 17-Aug-11 22:39:29

A tent. A blow up bed. DP. He is better than a Swiss army knife because he can produce a full roast dinner including yorkshire pudding on a barbecue and can produce tea within 10 minutes of waking up.

babyocho Wed 17-Aug-11 22:44:16

yorkshire pudding on a barbecue - really? How??

Shoutymomma Wed 17-Aug-11 22:52:35

My DP isn't as useful as a Swiss Army Spoon.

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