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So how do I do this camping thing?

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babybouncer Mon 25-Jul-11 23:08:23

I've decided to jump in an try camping with DS (2), DH and two other couples with same age child this summer. One couple have camped a bit (pre-child), the other hasn't (ever). I have been camping before, pre-child, but only a couple of times and although I enjoyed it, I didn't really see any advantage over hotels/gites etc at the time. Having seen how much DS loved going with grandparents recently, I'd like to try again, but am terrified.
I'm not usually able to function without a mug of tea in the morning, and while rain isn't an issue for me, I don't really see what we do with our evenings once DCs are in our tents sleeping (staying up is not really a possibility - he just cries with tiredness!), especially in bad weather.
I'm also worrying about what to feed DS (usually it's pasta and one of a range of batch-cooked sauces from the freezer) and how to keep milk etc fresh.
Really, I think I'm most worried that it will be awful and none of us will ever want to camp ever again!
Please tell me how fab camping with a toddler is and tips to make this run more smoothly.

TastyMuffins Tue 26-Jul-11 01:28:31

Tea - use camping stove with kettle instead of electric kettle.
Evenings - wine, cards, conversation
Food - cook on the camping stove, barbecue or eat out, milk in a cool box or use long life cartons, it can be frozen before you go to stay fresh longer.

Will you be sharing a large tent or each have your own? If you have the space to pack a tent with a separate living area, you have somewhere to sit in of the evening if it rains, although if ground sheet not sewn in, can be a bit cool, so bedroom maybe better.

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