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I have just bought my first tent

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fivegomadindorset Sun 24-Jul-11 21:21:58

A bell tent, cheap. Feeling very nervous but proud. Want it really as a spare room in the garden.

scaryt Sun 24-Jul-11 21:26:26

Exciting Five. (I feel I should know you better after mumsnet weirdly turned me into you a couple of weeks ago!! I did only do one post in your name before realising.)

Where did you manage to get a cheap bell tent? How big have you gone for?

fivegomadindorset Sun 24-Jul-11 21:30:29

Wow didn't realise that had happened I am however very boring. It is a faulty one which someone else from here put me onto from here so it could go horribly wrong grin 5m one, I want to put a day bed in which can turn into a double bed and table etc. We run a B&B so would like it to have our friends down in the summer without DH and I sleeping on the playroom floor and a kind of summer house as well.

queenoffairies Sun 24-Jul-11 21:30:31

Am very very jealous!

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