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Trapped in a tent

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bananamam Sun 24-Jul-11 16:19:37

thought we would give camping a go. So dp pops to Argos to buy one of those kits with sleeping bags etc. Comes home with a regatta tent.

We pitch it and sleep in it it. In the middle of the night I need the loo. The zip falls off and I was stuck in the tent bursting for a weeblush

Lesson? Never buy a cheap farking tent!!!

Any recommendations for a decent 4-6 man tent? And sleeping bags that are actually warm at 2am? Merci

LynetteScavo Sun 24-Jul-11 16:25:13

Oh, I thought you were stuck in it at this very moment.

I'm slightly disappointed.

I never do get people who go for a wee in the night...especially when camping.(I mean, you never know what might get you in the dark!) Can you seriously not hold it for 8 hours?

Anyway, just marking my place to find out about decent tents. grin

bananamam Sun 24-Jul-11 16:45:55

I blame the wine for the weeing. I usually hold for 8hours but the blardy cat that was meeeeowing it's way around my tent woke me up!! I would have posted from said tent but my phone had no signal at the I couldn't even call for helpblush

Maybe camping just isn't for me!

LynetteScavo Sun 24-Jul-11 16:53:30

Hahahahaha! grin


Ephiny Sun 24-Jul-11 17:03:18

Oh no, I get slightly claustrophobic in tents anyway and just the thought of that happening is making me panic! I'd probably have grabbed my emergency knife and slashed my way out blush.

Strangely I very rarely get up for a wee during the night at home, but somehow when camping I invariably and annoyingly need to go in the early hours of the morning hmm.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 24-Jul-11 17:06:11

Oh dear!

We have just bought a HUGE tent, so don't have any recommendations.

I would say don't buy cheap tents from tesco, they are NOT as waterproof as they claim - as we found out in Glen Nevis last summer

bananamam Sun 24-Jul-11 17:34:58

Well see I will camp with a knife in the tent from now on. My 11 year old niece gave me her plastic iPhone cover which we snapped in half. We could unzip the inner but so it was only a fly/mosquito net thing separating us from the outside. I started to cut through it just as we managed to manipulate the zip!!

I owe her a phone cover now. She did however tell me it was her BEST trip everblush grin

Slubberdegullion Sun 24-Jul-11 18:27:03

lol at best trip ever.

bananaman with your argos special there is pretty much no other way other than a better brand when you get your next tent.

Millets/Blacks own brands are better, as are Gelert and Lichfield for fairly reasonable starter tents.

TastyMuffins Sun 24-Jul-11 23:10:31

Oh dear, I was going to go for a regatta tent from Argos! I thought it was the one with loads of great reviews. I hope you take it back.

I bought a 2 man tent from Argos about 15 years ago which is still going strong, it was the cheapest thing going at the time, it is however far too small for my needs. I also have a Tesco tent that is way too large, think that one may have been mislabelled, it was supposed to be 4 man but is more like 8 man! No problems with that one either.

I've now gone for a Lichfield Cullen 3 man from Argos (no 4 man tents to be found when I bought it). Seems like the most waterproof and lightest of the cheap small tents although not the cheapest. I needed something light as have no car to transport camping gear in and just a 6 yo DS to help! The thing that put me off the Regatta 4 man was really only the weight.

I found an airbed much colder to sleep on in a tent than a foam mat although airbed more comfortable. This year I've gone for stretcher bed for me and self inflating mat for DS and if I'm cold, I'm swapping over, he never seems to mind.

bananamam Mon 25-Jul-11 08:02:00

Yes defo taking it back tomorrow...I kept the broken zip. It's a shame as the tent itself was fine! It may have been a one off, but I think we need a six man anyway.

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