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Tell me about your trailer tent!

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Erebus Fri 22-Jul-11 14:26:48

We are thinking about 'upgrading' from a normal tunnel tent to a trailer.

What sort of things do we need to consider? Is a 'kitchen unit' highly desirable?
Is over-all size a 'thing' (we are a family of 4 with 2 pre-teens)- I always worry about inexperienced campers buying the biggest tent they can find without regard to wind stability and ease of pitching, so is this a similar thing with trailer tents, that humongous isn't necessarily better?

I saw this today which looks nice, but it says 'no kitchen unit'.

Tell me the things I need to know, pls!


SheepAreSuper Fri 22-Jul-11 17:06:01

I absolutely loved my Raclet trailer tent (don't have it anymore sadly). Looking at your link it was very similar construction to this and maybe a teeny bit bigger.

The first time we put it up took about 20 minutes for the main body and about 3 hours for the awning (despite someone colour coding the poles with tape - tip). With practice that came down to less than an hour.

It was pretty big and you'd have loads of space. We had a 4 seater folding table, 3 folding chairs, a wardrobe (created by the inner suspended liner), mahoosive kitchen unit and dogs bed in the awning and could still have cartwheeled in it.
Get an awning ground sheet and ground sheet pegs if they don't come with it.

You could add your own kitchen setup so that's not a big issue. Mine was a sink and hob combination that needed to be constructucted on top of a cupboard unit and 'plumbed' up for the cold water and waste. A bit of a faff really although it did suspend on the door if we chose to use the main body without the awning.

Never had a simgle problem with weatherproofing and stability and we had some horrific weeks in it weather wise.

Maybe check if you can add a pup tent to the underbed area so your pre-teens can have a seperate space as they get older.

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