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Icey-tek - I can't decide on the size

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luciadilammermoor Tue 19-Jul-11 17:21:22

Right, I have lurkedwhile----drooling read every thread on icey-teks. I want one, I shall hide the spend on my visa card so that DH does not know we have it until I pack it smugly into the boot. I have chosen the colour (red btw).

I'm all there.

But what size? I've looked at their neatly packed photos on the website. My coolboxes tend to be more 'thrown in' rather than 'neatly planned and stacked' so I'm struggling to use the info. I note from previous threads that I would need at least a 40L one as cold white wine is a camping basic.

There are 5 of us, me DH dd1(7) dd2(4) and ds1(1). I don't want to shop everyday. We have a Galaxy plus roofbox so we have space (ATM)

Any advice? Opinions? Commentary on the colour? Thx!

SparklyCloud Tue 19-Jul-11 17:53:21

I have considered the size too and also want one.
I would get green I think so not to attract wasps etc to flower-colours.
As for which one, I prefer the long ones as you wont need to do as much rooting around at the bottom for stuff. So, probably the 56L long box.

Slubberdegullion Tue 19-Jul-11 17:57:45

Red good. grin

As you may have already read I have the 40l.

Here what I crammed fitted in it.
2l bottle of frozen water
5 frozen dinners in Tupperware boxes
2x1litre bottles of milk
6 eggs
Nice ham
Bottle of wine
Few beers
2xlarge but thin ice blocks.

For us (4) the 40l is plenty big enough for storing 2-3 days worth of food.


Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 19-Jul-11 18:17:41

We just got the canary yellowgrin They don't have much colour selection in the 40L at the moment but the nice lady at the company said they will have most colours in stock in a couple of weeks.

It's enormous. We had a 25L coolbox before which wasn't big enough but this one looks positively cavernous in comparison. Haven't used it yet, it has it's debut this weekend.

SparklyCloud Tue 19-Jul-11 18:24:24

Hmmm might have to re-think the 55L then. We have a bog standard 24L cheapo coolbox at the mo. So doyouthink, think I will go for the 40L if you reckon its huge.
Will it def hold 3 days worth of cool stuff?

SparklyCloud Tue 19-Jul-11 18:26:53

Sorry Slubber, just re read and saw you already said it holds 2-3 days worth.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Tue 19-Jul-11 19:07:32

I think you could probably house a small family in the 55L onewink

SparklyCloud Tue 19-Jul-11 19:42:32

haha yes you probably could!

luciadilammermoor Tue 19-Jul-11 20:05:13

That's all very useful, thank you! I am impressed with your forward planning of prepared campfood Slubber. Once again, I can only conclude that I must improve on general housewifeliness.

I think, adding in some fruit and mustard pots (possibly some more wine), cheese, bacon and some yummy local specialities from wherever we are, I could possibly justify the 55L one - could use it as a seat as well? Would be excessive for a weekend, but jolly handy on a 2 weeks French trip (of the kind to happen in 2 weeks time).

We've had a 25L one up until now as well so I might be going a bit OTT... Will reconsider measurements again and drool some more over website.

Slubberdegullion Tue 19-Jul-11 20:17:26

Was so nice not having to do loads of food prep after getting back from the beach when we were away. Had to take each frozen dinner out of the tekster before we went out as they remained frozen solid whilst inside.

55l would indeed hold shedloads. You will need loads of spare packing space in your car though. The 40l is a bitch to fit in our estate boot with the tent and the rest of the heavy clobber.

Slubberdegullion Tue 19-Jul-11 20:18:12

can deffo use it as a seat.

tyaca Tue 19-Jul-11 21:13:33

also remember that the emptier it is, the less well it will work. you've got to fill what you've got to maximise techmeistery <<official term>>

luciadilammermoor Thu 21-Jul-11 18:01:15

Right, I've done it, I've ordered a 56L longbox in red. I have vacillated on the cube v the long one and measured the boot several times (neighbours convinced I am mad now) and told myself 40L would be fine but do you know what? I made my final decision based on the fact that the 56L long one was the smallest size I could buy in red ATM.

Yours shallowly (and quite nervous about the behemoth which will be arriving) (but also v pleased it will match the kettle and saucepans)

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