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Camping Lists ...... Cool Boxes/Fridge & Camping Kitchen ?

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pingusmumtoo Tue 19-Jul-11 10:51:47

Slight panic setting in now as we (me, DP, DSD 8 & DS1 2) 're off to cornwall for 10 days next week and I can't find my list ....
Normally pre DS1 this wouldn't be a crisis but now my brain has turned to mush I'm terrible at concentrating blush .... so was hoping one of you lovely people might share yours ...
We weren't too worried as DP had 'all the gear' packed up in an organised fashion in the loft, but it turns out having looked up there that there are -- lots of-- things missing - his ExP liked camping too grin
Alas we have not (yet) joined the BellTent gang (lottery win emocion) but have Outwell Hartford with tent and carpet blush - 'twas bargainous on Ebay - and erm lots of other bits ..... but I keep interrupting myself on an almost hourly basis to write another thing on list and then rummage to see if we've still got it.
Things I know we don't have and maybe should get before this trip are a fridge or decent cool box (have very old very small one that works on car battery thing, and a bigger real basic one that is 1970's orange/brown) and a camping kitchen .... any recommendations on those would be great too ...
Sorry to ramble ... brain just too disorganised ....

notwavingjustironing Tue 19-Jul-11 11:02:38

Not fobbing you off, but there are some good lists on here for anything you think you might have forgotten - under "packing lists" in Travel.

My camp kitchen is a SunnCamp one, its got a shelf, a windguard and a bit that pulls out for you to stick a bag in for a bin. I would link to it but I'm rubbish with links.....

Most importantly, it packs up into a lovely flat bag that has room for you to store loads of stuff as well.

Someone will be along to recommend an Icey-Tek coolbox in a minute. I've just got a boring electric one, and a normal everyday one for camps for one or two nights.

Do come and read the twaddle we all write on the big thread. Its a bit like entering a parallel universe.....grin

pingusmumtoo Tue 19-Jul-11 11:16:56

Ooooh - What's the big thread ? ... should be scrubbing floor but have so far doen nothing except scan these camping posts for stuff ....
List now has added to it very non essential fairy lights & Smidge ...
Think the SunnCamp one is available on Amazon ... thinking better to get an allegedly more expensive one marked down that a full price cheaper one ... but then I think it's all a con --- then my head explodes grin

notwavingjustironing Tue 19-Jul-11 11:52:16

Right. Have just tackled a link. Hope it works.

[[ this is mine]].

I bought the wind shield separately.

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