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Caravans: recommnd a good / cheap insurance co?

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groak Mon 18-Jul-11 21:50:48

Got our first (well, since childhood!) caravan, it is a 6 berth touer about 6 years old, will stay on the same campsite, moved by stite owenr from storage to pitch but never intending to tow it. also, due to granchildren demolishing using it, would like accidental damage cover.

am i best just using somewhere like or are there any good companies some one can recommend?


Furball Tue 19-Jul-11 06:57:17

We have ours with caravanguard

I will say when some twat one drove into the side of our caravan scraping their wing mirror all the way down the side of it, - Caravanguard were brilliant, very accomodating and let us get it repaired where we liked and made it very very easy for us.

also I'm sure the caravan club must also be very good.

serin Wed 20-Jul-11 20:17:30

Caravan Club is just about the most expensive IME!

pramsgalore4 Wed 20-Jul-11 23:58:32

we are with caravanguard and if you are a member of i am sure you get a discount if you mention it

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