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How to cook potatoes on a disposable bbq?

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Curlybrunette Sun 17-Jul-11 22:13:57

Hi all,

I couldn't decide whether to post this in camping or food but decided you campers would soon get me sorted!

We're off to Camp Bestival and I've bought a disposable bbq and plan to take the usual burgers and hot dogs etc. but thought it'd be nice to take some sort of herby potatoes. I don't like tin potatoes so do I need to cook the potatoes at home and reheat them on the bbq? If I took raw potatoes, chopped and herbed them and wrapped them in foil would they cook until soft on a disposable?

I'm trying to think of something to add to the menu to make it more than just burgers and hot dogs. I'm planning on taking SO much to the festival and space is limited so I'm trying to keep the food side simple yet tasty.

BTW did you know M&S curry is £3 a tin. £3 a flipping tin shock

notwavingjustironing Sun 17-Jul-11 22:18:43

Actually it's on offer at the moment. £1.47 a tin till 31st July.

< gets coat, and life.>>

Lilyloo Sun 17-Jul-11 22:21:18

Can you not take one of those suitcase stoves to cook the potatoes on

Blu Sun 17-Jul-11 22:23:49

I cannot think of any appetising way to cook potatoes ona disposable BBQ.

You can wrap baking potatoes on foil and bury them on the embers of a fire, but disposable BBQs have such shallow charcoal, and burn out v quickly. Potatoes aren't really suitable for grilling.

Veggie that BBQ's well: Peppers, courgettes, corn on the cob, things like that.

Selks Sun 17-Jul-11 22:24:05

If you slice the potatoes fairly thinly they should cook through ok on the barbie without precooking. Probably best to brush a little olive oil on them. Nice!

Blu Sun 17-Jul-11 22:26:02

If I was forced to cook potatoes on a BBQ I would try slicing them thinly, dotting butter and herbs amongst them, wrapping them in foil, piercing the foil a few times and placing on the grill, so that they half steam in the foil, but also get the grill effect.

MerylStrop Sun 17-Jul-11 22:29:16

Spuds + bbq, not happening IMO
Best also check you are allowed to take the tin foil bbq jobbie as they are banned form many festivals both for potential ground damage and as they stay so hot for so long and could pose a danger to drunken types meandering through your camp. Better off with a stove or a bluet IME.
Other good things to take - puy lentils in a pouch; halloumi cheese, couscous

LemonEmmaP Sun 17-Jul-11 22:33:46

I have made sausage and potato skewers which were lovely. I boiled some new potatoes until they were very nearly cooked through, and then coated these in some oil. These were then put on skewers with some sausages chopped in thirds, and cooked on the BBQ until the sausages were cooked. In this case, the potatoes were still warm when put on the skewers, so I wonder how it would work if they were cold, but hopefully it would work!

Curlybrunette Sun 17-Jul-11 22:41:19

D'oh I'm taking a camping stove, didn't think of that. I could cook the potatoes when i'm there, love your kebab idea lemon

I did think it might be difficult to cook potatoes just on a disposable, and reheated potatoes can taste a bit grim.

M&S curry half price you say curly also grabs coat and runs to get curry whilst on offer and hopefully a life in the next aisle

Thanks a lot

Blu Sun 17-Jul-11 22:45:42

Someone said that the stoves with the cannisters in are £9 in Asda.
A better bet than disposable BBQs, IMO.

Lilyloo Mon 18-Jul-11 21:20:41

Lol you will be fine cooking them on stove , that's how we always do ours camping

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