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google+ camping MNers?

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glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 16:39:14


notwavingjustironing Sun 17-Jul-11 19:04:25


glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 19:08:21

Its like facebook, but invite only. I have invites but... pah.

Its no good, I cant work google horrible plus anyway. I cant understand or care about it. It just seemed a good idea because I wangled an invite...

<slinks away>

notwavingjustironing Sun 17-Jul-11 19:12:54

Is it like Mouldies under canvas? Nah, no thanks, I like my quiche with cheese and onion not people ....... grin

glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 20:01:16

I think everone is too bewildered to be moldies. I always imagines the mouldies to be quite scary and competent.

SeaShellsMyDogSmells Sun 17-Jul-11 20:24:25

Never heard of it!

glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 20:31:15

Its like facook... enough said. Why did I get suckered in...


glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 20:31:26

fa cook???

notwavingjustironing Sun 17-Jul-11 20:32:08

Can we not just have a chat with each other on this board?

Or have you canvas bell tenters made a break for the border leaving me the rest of us behind?

<<narrows eyes and refuses to believe that my lovely slightly mad camping chums would do such a thing>> grin

glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 20:35:20

I have a Outwell Hartford <huffs> no bell tent here.


Blu Sun 17-Jul-11 20:37:19

I googled 'camping Mners' and it led me through the back of the compact fold-up wardrobe right back here shock

VivaLeBeaver Sun 17-Jul-11 20:40:04

It brought me back here as well but now mums net is all diffent and horrible and full of boxes.

glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 20:43:43

<gambols off through the snow to put the trangia on>

notwavingjustironing Sun 17-Jul-11 20:51:31

I think this is a mischievous OP. I'm not speaking for everyone here but a lot of us only read/post on this board.

I would be amazed if there had been some kind of invitation only splinter group ( and more than a little disappointed), but I'm not prepared to get all huffy about it.

For most of us this board is a safe haven from the lunacy of the rest of the board - check out the original postings on the "campfire" thread am not prepared to engage in a load of suspicious finger pointing! Sorry if that's not the right reaction ....

<<leaves thread>>

glitterkitty Sun 17-Jul-11 21:08:36


Sorry, what I meant in my OP was merely that Google plus (which is new facebook if you are geeky- my brother told me about it) has just been launched.

I asked another MNer for invites.

now have invites to give away (like gmail if you remember?), Was just gauging interest from camping MNers in whether anyone wanted them (not in cliquey way at all, was just trying to misguided way...generous!)

Theres no splinter group and I have been on MN and campfdire thread for aaagggeeesss <cries>

<leaves thread too in remorse>

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