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Hi Gear Tents - worth buying

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lorisparkle Sun 17-Jul-11 14:41:50

We are camping novices with a very limited budget. There are five of us (including DS 5yrs, 3yrs and 1yr). We have been looking around for 6 man tents and are really struggling to find something within our budget but good enough quality. Has anyone got any views on the Hi Gear range. Are they worth it and if not any other ideas.

Thanks everyone.

GingerWrath Sun 17-Jul-11 15:37:45

We have a HiGear Blackrock 5 with a carpet, has done us very well and has withstood torrential rain and gale force winds and stayed lovely and dry and cozy inside.

We will be upgrading to an Outwell next year but our HiGear has done us proud (for £142!)

5ofusLookingForHorcruxes Sun 17-Jul-11 16:30:08

We have the Hi Gear Kalahari 10 for our family which is around the same size and ages of yours. It is roughly the size and shape of an aircraft hangar. We've done about 8 nights in it and I really liked it until I encountered a bell tent!

IloveJudgeJudy Mon 18-Jul-11 10:17:06

DB has a Voyager 6 which was on offer until recently (may still be on offer). It's a lovely tent with def enough room for 6 to live in, it says the bedrooms take 6, but you might be a bit squashed, depends on the size of the DC!

We camped this weekend with them and had all kinds of weather. Tent stood up really well. It also has a porch you can buy which will give you another 6 feet of living space.

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