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Any MNers who are bikers and have gone on camping trips with just your bike, could you...

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GoddessofSubburbia Wed 13-Jul-11 21:08:42

Look at my list, and tell me if I'm either being a) hopelessly optimistic or b) in an attempt to be ruthless, have inadvertently culled something necessary?

I should explain. I don't DO minimalistic camping- though I'm experienced, and love camping, I've always had either a van or a trailer to help actually get all our stuff there, so the amount of stuff I've taken has never mattered enormously... Still, I'm looking forward to the challenge! We will have a 60l rucksack and a similar sized set of panniers to transport the gear. The tent we'll strap to the bike and will be used as a rest for me to use to help support the rucksack, which I'll be carrying. There is only me and DP going, btw, though we are intending to stay for maybe 5 days, hence the need for taking a change of clothes.

So, to the list! Do your worst, good folk- all suggestions welcome!

Airbed I really think I need this, opposed to a sim due to a dodgy back.
Sleeping bag
Fold up stool thingies both to sit on, and balance our helmets/gear on at night. The thought of bugs in my helmet from leaving it on the floor at night kinda squicks me....
Single burner gas stove one of the slimline ones in a case sort of thing
Mess tin will be used to cook in, and then eat out of, thus cunningly avoiding the need for plates
Swiss army knife will be used for bottle/tin opener, corkscrew, kitchen knife etc
Espresso pot we both have a serious caffeine addiction. Instant coffee won't do it, and there is no way we should be allowed to ride without a decent supply of caffeine in our bloodstream first.

Personal stuff:
Walking trousers our kevlar trousers will be far to hot to wear all day everyday surely?
T shirts
Bandana to control my greasy locks due to lack of shampoo. Manshape does not have this concern... hmm
Warm hat
Medicines regular meds as well as paracetamol/antihistamines etc
Phone chargers we both have smart phones, which last for like a day before needing to be charged. And we need a phone, right?
Solar panel to power phone charger
First aid kit

It's too much, isn't it? And what on earth do you guys do about a fire/piss bucket? Do we have to strap one to the bike somehow?


Donki Wed 13-Jul-11 21:19:16

YOu have probably thought of these - but just in case

spare inner tube
bike tools/tyre levers

GoddessofSubburbia Wed 13-Jul-11 21:22:14

Sorry, I should have made it clear that we are on a motorbike- if we get a puncture or god forbid breakdown, we'll call the breakdown company!

As an aside, I'd be rather keen to get my grubby little mitts on the bike if the need should arise, but I suspect Manshape would recoil in horror at the thought of me touching his baby! wink

Geordieminx Wed 13-Jul-11 21:31:16

My mate goes across Europe and manages to pack 3 weeks worth of stuff, although she reckons you need the same stuff for a few days as you do for s few weeks.

Depends where you are going? If it's likely to be hot maybe a pair of shorts/suncream?

Would recommend batiste dry shampoo, you can get travel sized spray cans, will eliminate grease?

I guess you just need to pack it up, if it doesn't fit then it's too much! grin

Pack of cards maybe?

memphis83 Wed 13-Jul-11 21:36:58

DH camps on the bike, I refuse, he says camping on a bike is minimal and says there is no room for an airbed, so he says yes to everything but the airbed!
Blacks do silicone folding things for camping like bowls etc they are all useless but you can get a bucket, fold to less than 2 inches thick, could be worth a thought if you need a bucket.

GoddessofSubburbia Wed 13-Jul-11 21:39:08

Ooh, good call on the sunblock! I always forget that then turn into a lobster. My walking shorts zip off into shorts, should the need arise. Unlikely though given we are staying in the UK, though you never know!

I've never tried dry shampoo- does it really work?

GoddessofSubburbia Wed 13-Jul-11 21:42:55

Oh, I like the thought of a silicon folding firebucket! though I do have some fears about how, erm, stable it might be for it's secondary purpose... confused

Geordieminx Wed 13-Jul-11 21:51:39

Yeah, dry shampoo is good, it doesn't look as though you have just washed your hair but it does give you another couple of days before you can fry your tea on your head wink

Mammonite Wed 13-Jul-11 23:05:17

I will ask DH, but he is a seriously minimalist camper,his tent is the size of a kitchen roll when packed!
What bike are you going on?
Are you touring place to place or staying on one site?

We did a 2 week holiday once on quite a small bike but we were younger/had lower standards then grin.

don't forget, camera, book/Kindle, neck tube/buff thing (ideally with hells angel skull or flames pattern)

Long things are best, you could lay the tent, stools, rollmats etc across the back of the panniers. IME better to strap stuff to the bike than wear a rucksack, it's uncomfortable and you don't want backache.

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