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Caming in France - Food question

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hackingandhewing Tue 12-Jul-11 19:13:00

Sorry - I may start to drive you all bonkers with my inability to plan a camping trip on my own!

We are going camping in france for the first time this summer. We used to camp pre DCs and have only done 1 or 2 short trips with our new tent.

When you camp abroad, how much food do you take and how much do you buy when you get there? We haven't got bags of space so I don't want to take a whole weeks worth.

Also, any good camping meal ideas much appreciated.


Lafaminute Mon 07-Jan-13 19:05:43

Definitely on site pizzas! I lost weight (a rare thing)on my recent first camping trip because of my inability to cope with cooking! Pasta with sauces is good, cheese and bread and while we did have a camping fridge it wasn't very big. My kids eat porridge or Granola or Weetabix so I brought those as I figured if they'd had a good brekkie we'd all get on better! We brought two saucepans but really only needed one plus a coffee pot plus a (Camping Gaz?) Party Grill - that was our best friend on the trip. Bread and cheese and ham and fruit were our staples and wine of course - had to support the host country's economy!!

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