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Booking site in France - can you help?

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hackingandhewing Mon 11-Jul-11 17:49:36

We are hoping to go to France - first time camping there.

I found a municpal site we liked the look of, good reviews etc. I filled in their on line booking form and have just had an email saying they have reserved us a place for the dates we wanted.

They aren't asking for any money?? Is this usual or should I try and email them back asking if they want a deposit?

They have emailed in broken English but I don't want to email back in English as I don't want to be one of those people who arrogantly assumes "Everyone speaks English"! The email is in very basic English with no other details.

Help! Feeling a bit pathetic. I'm normally an in control kinda gal but not sure whether I need to follow this up?

gallicgirl Mon 11-Jul-11 18:01:21

They perhaps don't want a deposit as it would cost too much to transfer.

Do you want to post a link to the website (which I'm assuming is in French) and I'll have a quick look to see if I can see any instructions for payment?

hackingandhewing Mon 11-Jul-11 18:20:43


Thanks so much - that's really helpful.

hackingandhewing Mon 11-Jul-11 18:21:26

Sorry - that's not it! It is the link on that page.

Lucycat Mon 11-Jul-11 18:47:59

It's quite common not to have to pay until you get there with municipals. It's probably because so many people just turn up when they need a pitch and it costs them too much to have a credit card system for payment. Even our main site last year didn't need a deposit & would only take cash! Which site is it?

gallicgirl Mon 11-Jul-11 18:56:16

ok, if I've found the right link, then I think they will send you a contract to sign and return. Payment will be expected with the contract and you can pay by card. However, I can't see if you can just pay a deposit at that point or the whole amount. Hopefully someone with better French skills will come along to confirm.

I'm sure the invoice will explain how much to pay. Looks lovely and they have a hamman! Bit posh for a campsite. envy It is possible to pay in advance for the activities in order to save money, eg: pay for 10 hours and save 10%.

Lucycat Mon 11-Jul-11 19:01:14

Ahh followed link - v nice municipal! It is one of those that has been bought and 'poshed' up! Ignore what I told you- grin

hackingandhewing Mon 11-Jul-11 19:33:20

Thank you so much gallicgirl.

I stumbled across it completely by chance as we had been looking in other regions.

Very excited now!!!

gallicgirl Mon 11-Jul-11 21:36:48

It really does look like fun. Might have to consider it for next year's holiday.

It was Wales this year which was fun too. Didn't have a hamman though.

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