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self inflating mattress or airbed?....which is better?

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nobodysfool Sat 09-Jul-11 19:54:36

Hello, i am buying my first tent tomorrow and have read a lot of pros and cons about both airbeds and self inflating mattress.What are your honest opinions on them.
I have read that if you have air beds you will need the reflective silver sheet thingy underneath and the thermal fitted sheet on top.Can i use a duvet and just put them in a vacuum bags for travel?
Oh im such a novice confused i have no idea......blush

Birdsgottafly Sun 10-Jul-11 11:34:10

I prefer airbeds, you can get luxury extra high ones.

The self inflating ones take longer to inflate and you cannot pump them up again, you have to deflate them and start again. The matresses go down daily obviously, as they are slept on.

It depends on how much you feel the cold, i put an ordinary sheet on mine and use a duvet, sometimes i throw the slepping bag under us, we hacve a full set up (regular campers).

I fold mine into bin bags, it might ruin the seams if you vacuum pack them.

I have a tent with a sewn in groundsheet and an inner bedroom, though.

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