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trangia or campingaz bivouac kit?

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scaryt Thu 07-Jul-11 21:45:59

I have been offered the loan of a 2 burner set with big gas bottle for this summer, which would make sense to borrow. It's just big. And I am not-so-big.

So if you could get one of these for about £25 which would you go for? Trangia has a pan, frying pan and kettle. Bivouac is sleek and just the one pan.

LuciusLongcock Thu 07-Jul-11 21:52:44

Hello scary, I have a trangia & love it, all fits into one neat package.

It was a lot more than £25, but well worth it. Just dont drink ^your precious meths> grin

scaryt Thu 07-Jul-11 21:55:02

how do you find using the meths, does sound rather alarming!

LuciusLongcock Thu 07-Jul-11 22:00:48

I dont.

We got gas version- I was too scared to go for full on meths!

Argh am still in Harry Potter namechange... hangon...

glitterkitty Thu 07-Jul-11 22:03:29

Ahhh.... thats better!

I do like the trangia set up. How would you cook in just one pan? Camping slop?

scaryt Thu 07-Jul-11 22:05:34

ooh hello glitter, did not realise it was you.

Can see your point about the one pan thing. I would have the cobb as well. And it is neat but then so is trangia and it has a kettle. Cannot function without tea before leaving tent.

glitterkitty Thu 07-Jul-11 22:07:42

Yes, kettle is v useful (I must have 1 large pot of proper coffee before leaving tent myself).

Well, Cobb does frying stuff? Like sausages etc? I so want a Cobb! So maybe 1 pan is all ytou need. You could boil water in pan? Your one pan grin

lovecat Thu 07-Jul-11 22:08:31

Get your own meths, Lucius! <<strokes storage bottle protectively>>

I have a Trangia, the 27-2 UL which comes with 2 pans, frying pan and kettle. The pans are plenty big enough for food for the 3 of us. The kettle only holds 0.6l but that's enough for 2 camping mugs of tea/coffee with milk. I do love it because it packs down so neatly into its package.

Also it's pretty much 100% windproof, so no need to fanny around with windshields. For me, the only drawback is the meths/fire hazard element, but if you're sensible you should be fine. As I'm so paranoid about it, I'm probably ridiculously over-cautious when I use it, but I'd rather be ultra cautious and not set me/my tent on fire...

I got mine on offer from Wiggle, they're doing 10% off currently but it's still £43, compared to £65 elsewhere it's fairly bargainous, but it's not as good as £25!

glitterkitty Thu 07-Jul-11 22:18:21

<wrestles delicious icy cold meths from lovecat>

scaryt Thu 07-Jul-11 22:20:05

So would you buy trangia rather than borrow double burner and gas bottle from friend?

How long to boil enough water for tea on a trangia with meths d'you reckon?

glitterkitty Thu 07-Jul-11 22:21:04

What do tramps do with meths anyway? Do they actualy drink it? Or just sniff it like glue?

<disclaimer: I do not sniff glue. But I know it happens. Or it did in the 80s anyway. No I'm not Zammo.>

glitterkitty Thu 07-Jul-11 22:21:54

We have a trangia AND a double burner with toast maker thing. We only ever use the trangia.

SmallerClanger Thu 07-Jul-11 22:45:21

Have used my Trangia since DofE expedition days, many years ago! Love it, so compact, light-weight and cheap to run, and meths is so easy to buy anywhere if you need more mid-camping trip. We usually decant it into screw-top metal bottles, but have never had any safety issues, even though we now use it for family camping. Hadn't realised how expensive they are now. My BIL has a trangia-style stove, cheaper, but took much longet than my Trangia to boil the kettle. A good investment I'd say. Boiling a full kettle took about 1/3 a burner of fuel on high flame and less than 5 minutes, at a guess?

Funtimewincies Fri 08-Jul-11 19:36:41

Another Trangia vote here too (same one as lovecat <blows meths wine-stained kisses>). The Trangia meths storage bottle also makes the whole business less messy and much safer. Ironically, I've got a Trangia because gas bottles scare the crap out of me blush.

NettleTea Fri 08-Jul-11 21:56:37

I love my trangia, and use the full meths version with no problem. I also have this amazing GIANT trangia style thing which is lurid orange which I bought from a man with a boat, and that doubles up as a heater too! Think its called a Heat Pal

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