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Latitude Festival 2011 - camping

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Ouma Mon 04-Jul-11 23:40:45

We got tickets for this (15th - 17th July) ages ago but soon realised we had double-booked with a friend's 50th birthday weekend. A friend said they would buy the tickets off us, but have now (2 weeks before) said they can't! I'm not sure if I am allowed to do a post like this - it's not for personal gain, but I would like to try and recoup some of the money we spent (£345)
I live in Southwest London and would of course need to hand tickets over in person. I can travel up to Suffolk as well, as I have family there. I'll accept any reasonable offer!

BoattostrikesupportingBolivia Tue 05-Jul-11 11:01:14

Have you tried scarletmist ? a place to sell tickets at face value.

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