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nice site on north yorkshire coast pleasey lovelies..

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itsnicetobenice Thu 30-Jun-11 20:11:00

Am travelling to york (goosewood park) i nmotor home in august then was hoping to move on to the yorkshire coast are for 2 nights anywhere between bridlington and whitby and am looking for a nice site, i found killerby old hall and got right excited but they are fully booked - to be able to walk somewhere or bus soewhere without taking the truck out would be a bonus though not essential. Enlighten me..... Has anyone stayed at flower of may? i found a pic and it scared me it looked a bit "clubhouse" - is it or is it ncie?

JetLi Fri 01-Jul-11 18:46:17

Nice one at Cayton but not much in walking distance excluding pubs & chippy

JetLi Fri 01-Jul-11 18:47:19

Also Browns or Cliff for Cayton Bay puts you next to a lovely beach

itsnicetobenice Fri 01-Jul-11 19:22:22

ooo browns have availability but inly if i book 3 nights so ive emailed them begging for the 2 - whats it realllly like? is it nice and respectable ? what is the cliff one you mention? Bumping also for flower of may comments..... smile

JetLi Fri 01-Jul-11 20:19:21

Yeah Browns is nice. Its actually a static site, but they have a small section for tourers. Actually most of the tourers seem to be there all season! Pretty quiet I'd say. A pub at the entrance which isn't bad either (The Tow Bar). You can catch the bus into Scarborough at the entrance of the site, but you'd need to check the timetables - some times of the year its only a limited daytime service. The site office could probably tell you.

This is the Cayton village site which is also nice - no statics there from memory.

Prospect Farm in Thornton le Dale is lovely, tiny, quiet & smack in the middle of Thornton le Dale so you can walk everywhere, but you're not near the coast.

itsnicetobenice Fri 01-Jul-11 20:39:03

ahh yes i have rang that one and its full, been tyign to ring browns no answer, will defo try in morning now.

pinkmagic1 Fri 01-Jul-11 21:05:32

Broadings farm near Whitby is a nice little site about 20 minutes walk outside Whitby. No facilities other than a spotlessly clean shower block but thats how we like it.

mrspnut Fri 01-Jul-11 21:11:19

What about the Poplars at Sewerby? it's close enough to Bridlington and there is a land train that shuttles between the two.

JetLi Fri 01-Jul-11 21:25:01

A couple of nice restaurants in Sewerby from what I remember

mrspnut Fri 01-Jul-11 21:26:01

Sewerby has a couple of nice pubs as well, and the house of course.

JetLi Fri 01-Jul-11 21:30:19

Really busy chippy mrspnut? I vaguely remember a chippy but was it in Sewerby hmm << baby brain >>

mrspnut Fri 01-Jul-11 21:58:29

It does have a very good chippie.

feelforcedout Mon 04-Jul-11 13:24:33

i got booked in at browns grin yeye! However he did say we were pitched next to the loos which wasnt as bad as it soudned he said hmm. Anyone stayed at riverside meadows ripon?

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