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camping novice needs advice

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vespalover Tue 28-Jun-11 20:59:48

Hi all, we have booked a camping holiday in Cornwall this summer and will be going for a week with our [then] six month old son. Can anyone advise me on a list of what we will need - we don't even have a tent yet! I'm looking for basics really as this will be a bit of an experiment but want to take all we need to make it an enjoyable and fun experience as have persuaded dh that it will be great and he is v. sceptical. I'm looking to be ultra prepared and prove him wrong. Will still be bfing so dont need to worry about bottles etc. We co-sleep so any advice re this would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

readywithwellies Tue 28-Jun-11 22:59:27

If you are co sleeping, don't use a blow up bed, they all go down to some extent and you may end up lying on ds. Roll mats would be the safest (but not necessarily the most comfortable) so roll mat, sleeping bag (or take duvets) then you then another sleeping bag.

I took my dd camping when she was 18 mo and she cried terribly, you need a plan what you are going to do with ds in the night if he cries as there are no walls the noise will carry and cause you (perhaps) stress. If possible I would do a trial set up in the garden or somewhere suitable and sleep in it. What are you going to do with ds while you are holding poles? Buggy, sling?

Also, even if it is warm, tents get very cold. I would suggest taking something to keep you warm - we use a halogen heater that turns off if knocked but don't know if I would use with such a small baby.

Tent wise - if you can get one with two bedrooms so you can chuck all your stuff in one and sleep in the other. Also, look at headroom.

The problem will be space in the car - if you take a tent it will take up a fair bit of room, add a buggy and bedding and clothing and you are going to struggle. So consider the car you have before purchasing.

vespalover Thu 30-Jun-11 20:45:06

Thankyou very much - really helpful, lots to think about!

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