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CampFireGrills , The ones on iron stakes. does anyone use one?

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Blu Tue 28-Jun-11 15:25:00


I'm thinking of getting a 'Rebel' as it can double as a BBQ.

What do you think? Is it easy to get the stake into the ground so that it is secure and not wobbly?

Pootles2010 Tue 28-Jun-11 15:29:58

They do look good. I was hoping you had found an 'altar fire' like used to use in scouts, been looking everywhere for one!

They are just like an iron table, with the table top being where you have the fire, so its off the ground, and another level above that which is the grill.

Very simple but impossible to find anyway?!

Blu Tue 28-Jun-11 16:57:39

Never heard of an alter fire! Sounds very dramatic.
But it does sound a lot like the fire pits that are now on sale.

tyaca Tue 28-Jun-11 21:21:59

we rented one when we stayed at forgewood. needed a quick knock of the mallet and then it was secure. and yet still swivelly so could rotate. almost bought one from the site at the time but dh was convinced we'd be paying over the odds. came home and turns out the price (£40) was the same as online, and now we also have to pay another tenner for delivery - gah grin.

so yes, would recommend. but then i don't have anything to compare it with 'cause never used any other camp grills (indeed have only ever camped once...!)

Pootles2010 Wed 29-Jun-11 09:36:24

It really isn't, its very basic and practical, not pretty at all, and quite small.

I'd definitely prefer altar fire to one of those above, as they don't require a special campfire spot - you can put them anywhere, the grass or whatever underneath is fine afterwards.

Blu Wed 29-Jun-11 12:04:30

Tyaca - have you ordered your Firegrill?
Because the woman who sells them will bring them to Victoria for you to collect, at no charge!

Blu Mon 04-Jul-11 10:50:23

I was very impressed with our Firegrill, it worked a treat.
We did quite well getting an embery fire that didn't burn the food.
I took two silicone pan holders (cheapo from a 99p store) as I thought trying to adjust the height and angle of the grill once it hot would be a nightmare, but actually it was easy.
A good piece of kit, and I wish I hadn't bothered with our new fild-flat BBQ now.

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