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Recommend me a nice quiet campsite to take really little children (under 2) please?

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RufousBartleby Sun 26-Jun-11 20:21:38

Title says it all really - we need somewhere suitable for little ones. We're not experienced campers either, but its tent or no holiday so we want to give it a go!

We live in the Midlands and don't want to travel too far either, so anywhere in Shropshire, Leicestershire, Cotswolds, Herefordshire, Peak District - that kind of distance would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Funtimewincies Sun 26-Jun-11 20:42:13

Erm, we avoid taking our small children (4 and 18 months) to quiet campsites as they tend to be much less tolerant of babies crying in the night grin.

...but watching for any good suggestions.

RufousBartleby Sun 26-Jun-11 20:44:57

I see your point Fun...not little babies though, two families with one year olds. I guess I was hoping to avoid lads weekends etc

Funtimewincies Sun 26-Jun-11 20:59:02

Sorry, that should be 4 years and 18 months grin. We tend to go for ones with facilites because there are more likely to be other children there and, so, fewer big parties of singles.

There are a few around Bishop's Castle in Shropshire that we're looking at for later in the summer. Just google ukcampsites as a good place to start.

DontCallMeBaby Sun 26-Jun-11 21:46:57

There's a campsite attached to the Cotswold Farm Park that might suit - don't know much about it, but I can't imagine it would appeal terribly to drunken lads. The farm park itself would be a nice day out for the littles ones (be warned though, the place has a microclimate all of its own).

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