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Shall I go out and buy the self-inflating mats from Lidl today?

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amistillsexy Sun 26-Jun-11 09:45:52

Warning very soft glamper in bunting-bedecked belltent seeking guidance on how to make camping even more comfortable!!!! grin

Here's my thinking...

We currently use a full-height blow up queen size which is lovely for one person, do-able for 2, but tricky when 3 DSs get in for a snuggle! Other problems are: it just looks such a mess unless I constantly re-make the bed (I like a nice tidy tent and can't stand 'droopy' duvets!); it seems very cold unless we put a duvet under us (and this makes it very slippy to sleep on!); fitted sheets 'ping' off and annoy me; being high up means we have our heads too close to the canvas and when it rains we get all damp.

So, I'm considering 2 double SIM from Lidl (no money for expensive ones!), with fitted sheets over then taped together to create a massive co-sleeping surface.

My reservations are: will it really be warm enough? Are they comfy (will I wake up with aches and pains as if I'd slept on the cold, hard ground?)? How do they self-inflate and why don't they just deflate when you lie on them?

Thanks for any advice!

Al1son Sun 26-Jun-11 10:07:12

They self inflate because they have foam inside and you have a bung to use when you're sleeping on them. I don't think they are anywhere near as comfy as an airbed because the bits of you that stick out downwards are on the ground. I've never tried two together though. that may solve it.

amistillsexy Sun 26-Jun-11 10:12:16

I'm thinking about having them next to each other to make a larger surface area, though, not one on top of the other...maybe we need to buy four, and make a battenburgh cake! grin

amistillsexy Sun 26-Jun-11 10:49:37

Bump...Any advice? Is everyone out camping?

lostinwales Sun 26-Jun-11 11:17:12

I bought one of these from Aldi yesterday, slept on it last night and went out and bougt four more today for our road trip through europe in 3 weeks time. I prefer them to an air mattress and they will be considerably easier than inflating and deflating an air mattress for one night camps. (Although the thought of taking sheets and duvet's camping is alien to me so I may have lower comfort levels than you!)

exexpat Sun 26-Jun-11 11:25:50

I bought cheap self-inflating mats from tesco last year, and thought they were better than airbeds (but I've never tried one of those posh airbeds like yours). I used them on top of yoga/gym mats for extra insulation and to stop them slipping, and found them pretty comfortable, warmer than normal airbeds, and they didn't make you bounce around when you turn over, or make those annoying rustling/squeaking noises.

I have to camp out for a night next weekend, and will be taking yoga mat, self-inflating mat, sleeping bag, fleece blanket (Ikea), and pillow. I'm expecting to be quite cosy.

mousymouse Sun 26-Jun-11 11:35:21

we have three for each sleep compartment so they cover the ground and no one rolls of. ours are the basic ones from decathlon.
I find them much more comfy than airbeds because the hips don't hang to the floor iyswim. also not so cold from the ground.
don't use sheets as we take sleeping bags.

amistillsexy Sun 26-Jun-11 20:26:41

grin grin

Well, I had a look around tinternet and did a bit of comparing, looked at prices, etc, then went and had another look at the ones in Lidls. They are fab! Bought 2 doubles, which we'll put together to make a mahoosive co-sleeping 'nest'.
We put them down in the living room to inflate and all 5 of us can sleep together very comfortably.

I can't wait for our hols now! grin

amistillsexy Sun 26-Jun-11 20:27:00

Thanks for all the advice, by the way! smile

Honeymoonmummy Mon 27-Jun-11 23:27:25

Thank you for creating this post amistillsexy because this is my problem too, but only because I have a full height aerobed and am not sure if it will fit next to 2 travel cots in my Outwell Montana 6... my DD is 2.5 and my DS is 3 months!

Might get down to Lidl in the morning to see if there's any SIMs left ...

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