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Refusing to be bummed out yet

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theoldtrout01876 Sat 25-Jun-11 23:25:32

Ive got a weeks camping coming up,Im sooooo very excited. The long range forecast is for rain most of the week sad

Im going here

I dont usually go to private campgrounds,usually state forests and a lot smaller than this one but Im still really looking forward to this
Ive decided even if it does rain most of the week we can still snorkel etc as it gonna be warm but my 6 year old is gonna go stir crazy so Im excited but trying really hard not to get bummed out cos this is New England so the weather can change hourly

I have never gone for a full 7 days either,just 3 day weekends ( Im leaving the teenagers at home as they refuse to join me and am REALLY nervous bout that but thats a thread by itself grin ) I have my menu planned and an alternative menu incase we cant grill on open fire cos of rain. I have boat trips and nature walks planned,can do in the rain if needs be and the snorkel stuff ready to go. Any one got any ideas on how to keep a VERY active 6 year old entertained in a tent in the rain? We have a nintendo Ds an I pod a portable dvd player, crayons colouring books and reading books plus a couple of kids card games.


GingerWrath Sun 26-Jun-11 09:00:16

We regularly go camping in Old England. Rain is normal here, we just pack waterproofs and get on with it, if we let the weather stop us we'd all stay at home and not a single tent would be sold!

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