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Struggling to get excited about camping this year - remind me why it's fun again

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MissRead Wed 22-Jun-11 09:45:30

We're supposed to be off on our first weekend away on Friday but once again the weather's looking grim and I am finding it hard to make the effort. I do enjoy camping but you are so limited by the weather - we had three freezing cold, soaking wet breaks (2-4 nights), last year and this year doesn't look much more promising. Cooking, eating etc outside are fun when the sun's shining - I don't even really notice that it's not the most relaxing of holidays - but when you're doing them in the rain and it's freezing it's just miserable. We've got a decent tent and reasonable equipment but it still ends up being a pretty crap holiday if the weather isn't any good.

We usually go with friends and most of them have a 'proper' holiday as well but we just can't stretch to that at the moment so those few days here and there are our holidays. It pisses me off that we both work hard and still can't afford a decent break but that's another issue. For the moment we are stuck with camping and I want to look forward to and enjoy our time away. Doesn't help that DH is even more pessimistic and is making sure we all know he doesn't really want to go sad

Any tips for making the trips more fun and less stressful that don't involve filing the car with so much red wine that there's no room for the tent?

SparklyCloud Wed 22-Jun-11 10:25:06

i would not go camping when its raining. We are off this summer but will wait to see what the weather is like the day before we plan to go, and ring the campsite before we leave just to make sure there is room...would never book in advance for that reason. There are plenty of camp sites that will have room as long as its not bank hol. We go mid week rather than weekends, like you for 2 nights as well, never been refused yet smile Doing it this way, we got great weather last year.

MissRead Wed 22-Jun-11 12:10:49

That was always the plan but with getting time off work and planning round various events it's often easier to book - we just always seem to book when it's going to rain!

Ephiny Wed 22-Jun-11 12:21:20

Probably too late for this holiday, but it's always nice to find a site where they let you build a campfire, nice to gather around in the chilly/rainy evening! Do you have a gazebo or similar to cook under if it's raining?

Proper waterproofs are essential as well, jacket and trousers, and put them on as soon as there's even a hint of rain so you don't get caught out, I always regret delaying this!

I love being all cosy in my sleeping bag and listening to the sound of the rain/wind outside smile

MissRead Wed 22-Jun-11 18:38:20

I'm trying to persuade DH that we need a porch but he's not keen. Agree that keeping warm and dry in the first place is key - once you get chilly or damp it's really hard to get warm again!

I love being inside listening to the rain as well, just less keen on sitting around in it at night pretending I'm enjoying myself <grumpy old git emoticon>

FranticBanana Wed 22-Jun-11 19:56:16

Do you have EHU? We went away for a weekend in the rain recently and it was the first time I've taken my new little electric hob as well as the gas cooker. It's only a tiny single ring, but it made a real difference being able to heat stuff up safely inside the tent instead of struggling to cook outside in wind and rain, or risking incinerating the tent (and kids) by cooking inside.

We also save up as many Tesco Days Out vouchers as we can and try to camp near somewhere that accepts them and that we could go to if it rains. National Trust membership is also quite handy for rainy days, although expensive unless you are going to use it loads.

Other than that, good waterproofs, thick fleeces, colouring stuff and wine!

MissRead Thu 23-Jun-11 13:13:57

We don't have EHU, no. Have never really seen the need but maybe my insistence on camping having to be fairly basic is half the problem! I just find the idea of people who take their hair straighteners with them and have carpet in the tent a bit daft but am beginning to see that anything that makes it a more comfortable/pleasant trip has got to be a good thing!

IloveJudgeJudy Thu 23-Jun-11 17:35:59

If you can afford to go to France, or somewhere where there's better weather, I would go there. Bad weather is the reason we don't take our main holiday in the UK. We had two years running of very bad, rainy weather and it didn't make it fun, plus meaning you had to spend more money.

Definitely have EHU if you can and a tent you can stand up in with quite a big living area so it's not too bad if you spend a day in there. YOu don't need tent in a carpet, but picnic rugs just make it much nicer, even in hot weather.

If you're only going for the weekend and the forecast is for very bad weather or it looks like it at the time you're meant to go and you feel down about it, just don't go. There's no point if you don't enjoy it. If you're going with a group then that's fine, that'll be more fun. We go with a group once a year and the weather doesn't really matter - we have fun whatever the weather.

Also, put your clothes/wet towels in the car to dry out, and make sure the tent is really organised as that will make you feel better, too. If you make sure that people aren't allowed in the tent with wellies, but have to take them off at the door and put them in a fold-up box or something and you have a carpet to walk on that will make everyone feel better.

I hope you manage to sort something out.

MissRead Fri 24-Jun-11 09:28:34

Thanks, that all makes sense. I think we need to go more spur of the moment when the weather looks good but it's tricky sometimes to do that around work and other commitments. France sounds like a good idea though, I love the UK but sometimes the weather really does get you down.

Feeling a bit cheerier today as the weather is looking more promising for the weekend, keep your fingers crossed for us!

sleepwouldbenice Sat 25-Jun-11 21:36:06

looking good for you!

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