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Vango Icarus 500 Awning - advice?

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northmetking Mon 20-Jun-11 15:00:37

Ok, so we wanted to scale down the size of our tent a bit, so we recently got a Vango Icarus 500, but the sun awning we had for our last tent: Khyam Sun Awning doesn't seem to fit it that well.

It was perfect because it was sheltered enough to use the Cobb/Kelly kettle underneath, but I nowhere near any nylon in case of accidents.

Vango do a purpose-made enclosed awning for it, but as it's enclosed I wouldn't want to cook under it for safety reasons.

Anyone know of a suitable awning that we can put on the front (or side) of the Icarus 500 and cook under safely?

notwavingjustironing Mon 20-Jun-11 15:55:06


I've got the Vango Icarus 500 too, and have just returned from a weekend of torrential showers. It's a brilliant tent, I love it!

Last year, Vango did a similar awning, but without the "front" iyswim, so it was more of a wind tunnel than an extension to the tent. I cooked very near to the front so that I was sheltered, but the stove was outside.

However, when the new one came out this year I bought it as the only thing missing for me last year was being able to secure it, and the 2010 version didn't have a groundsheet (although I did subsequently buy one and cobbled it together....)

Although desperate times called for desperate measures on Friday night and I did cook the evening meal in the enclosed awning.

So if you could get your hands on a 2010 one that might solve your problem.

Its a bit rambly but you get the gist.

northmetking Thu 23-Jun-11 08:26:08

Thanks, that's great, I'll have a look for the 2010 model. I might have one last go at getting my Khyam to fit first though, before shelling out for a new one.

NorthernerAtHeart Fri 24-Jun-11 21:24:04

Just to echo what Notwaving said.
We bought the Icarus 600 last year with the open canopy and it's great. Loads of sheltered space, although we still cook well away from it.
I didn't realise they now do an enclosed one! Although when camping with friends who have an enclosed one for their Tigris, we found we all set in our open canopy even when it rained.

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