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Complete Camping Virgin [ooerr]

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changeforthebetter Sun 19-Jun-11 16:58:12

So far I have

one tent
one double mattress
three sleeping bags
one small calor gas burner
a bucket bbq
a good torch
a camping kettle
wellies, gloves, hats and innumerable jumpers etc
a rather battered sense of humour

We are going to a campsite with a "supermarket" in the middle of nowhere. I assume the shop will be pretty expensive. The kids are excited because it is next to a beach. I am deeply dreading the whole thing but think it could turn out to be fab, plus it's only two nights so at worst...............

What else is essential? I am lucky to have a few mates who will loan things (am a good borrower) but not sure what is essential and what is not. We are taking a medium family-sized car but no trailer or boot space (assume that would be OTT for a weekend anyway) - oh and two small kids.

Help, please <<voice trails of into anxious whisper>>

FlorenceMattell Sun 19-Jun-11 17:55:14

Essential to be warm or you will hate it. Remember layers underneath are better than above. So ground sheet, tent floor, picnic mat, mattress, blanket, sleeping bag. Picnic blankets are cheap are great to use inside or outside.
Bucket to wee in at night or use as fire bucket in day.
A wind breaker would also be good, to shelter burner when cooking and on the beach.
Bet you have a great time!

mankymummymoo Sun 19-Jun-11 18:00:32

something to hold water in (for tea etc).
washing up bowl (to put crockery in to take to washing up area)
games for kids
more clothes than you think you need incase its wet.
you may need more than one torch if you have dc and they go to bed before you.
chairs and a table
def. take food essentials like pasta, potatoes, cooking oil etc. otherwise will cost you a fortune.
and don't forget bottled water to drink.
oh and wine of course!
need to remember things like corkscrew, can opener, spatula's etc.
a gazebo is fabulous if you want to sit out at night and avoid rain or sit out during day and have some shade.

IloveJudgeJudy Sun 19-Jun-11 23:45:37

You will probably need more than one burner as you are a family unless you are going to eat out all the time. I would also suggest a flask to put your leftover hot water in so you can make a hot drink quickly.

Picnic/cheap crockery/cutlery set. Tin opener, corkscrew. As you're only camping for a couple of days, don't be afraid to eat tinned food as it will heat up quickly. I would also take the first night's meal with me (I usually take spag bol) to quickly heat up.

Matches and another torch. Lots of cheap blankets. DC can have them in with them for the journey to save space. You can get nice cheap ones from Primark.

Have fun.

changeforthebetter Wed 22-Jun-11 18:30:07

Thanks for all the suggestions <<slinks off in depressed fashion to peruse Met Office 10 day forecasts and to see if can borrow wetsuits>>

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