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Please can you sort out sleeping arrangements for the 5 of us?

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Lastyearsmodel Thu 16-Jun-11 15:05:20

OK, we have DCs 5, 3 and 9m. We have a double airbed (DP and I both hate it and are up for a change), a single airbed, an ordinary travel cot and a single SIM. And a tent with 2 bedrooms.

The 5 and 3yos will happily go in together but would wake up the baby if she was in with them. Baby's a light sleeper so not mad keen on having her in with us. Have borrowed a Little Life baby tent thing in the past but no lomnger able to do so.

We're up for new kit but not got many £££s. Double SIM for us and double airbed for littlies and baby in main tent part in travel cot? Never tried a SIM - are they really that comfy? Gah, brain hurts - what would you do?

NorthernerAtHeart Thu 16-Jun-11 17:18:31

i just bought a SIM and tested it out at home - just as comfy (or not) as double airbed.

personally wouldn't bother with airbed for kids - ours had old fashioned roll mats until this year. SIMs now. cheap in sainsburys and aldi.

Batteryhuman Thu 16-Jun-11 18:30:31

Cheap SIMs for kids, best SIMs you can afford for you and DH, baby in the travel cot. i always pinned a blanket over the cot for warmth and darkness but mine never stood up when in the grobag stage.

Lastyearsmodel Thu 16-Jun-11 19:29:28

Pins! WHy didn't I think of something as simple as pinning a blanket over it. Thank you, BH.

And Sainsburys are selling SIMs? Or have I read that wrong and it's roll mats? Off there in the morning anyway.

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